NOTE: This post is a recap of what happened in spring 2017 at Phoenix

Phoenix Top Ten Starters

  1. Joey Logano
  2. Ryan Blaney
  3. Dale Earnhardt Jr.
  4. Kyle Larson
  5. Jamie McMurray
  6. Brad Keselowski
  7. Chase Elliott
  8. Erik Jones
  9. Kyle Busch
  10. Kasey Kahne

Full Starting Lineup

Phoenix Pre-race Notes

Denny Hamlin started in the rear of the field for an unapproved tire change

Aric Almirola started in the rear of the field because of an engine chance

Stage #1 (Lap 75) Top Ten Finishers: 22,42,2,24,1,18,21,48,31,88

Stage #2 (Lap 150) Top Ten Finishers: 24,42,18,48,2,1,77,21,11,4

Phoenix Spring 2017 Loop Data Box Score

Phoenix Spring 2017 Loop Data Speed Stats

Phoenix Race Notes

Joey Logano who won the pole selected the outside lane. He led 77 of the first 78 laps.

Running order on lap 11: 22,42,2,21,88,1,18,24,20,48 … 77,5,41,78,14,27,13,3,31,4 … 17,47,6,95,10,19,37,43,11,34

Brad Keselowski’s car was really good rolling in the corners early.

Jimmie Johnson really liked his car. On lap 25 it was said he had the fastest car on the track. On lap 25 he was in 9th. He started in 14th.

Notable Moment: On lap 28 the first caution came out when Reed Sorenson had contact with Corey LaJoie.

Running order on lap 28 under caution: 22,2,42,88,1,21,18,24,48,77 … 78,5,31,20,41,14,4,27,13,17 … 3,6,95,47,10,11,19

Notable Moment: On lap 37 Kurt Busch radioed that he was starting to have electrical issues. His alternator was failing.

Running order on lap 48: 22,42,2,24,1,18,88,21,48,77 … 78,5,31,4,41,20,14,11,27,17 … 6,19,95,3,10,47,43,13,37,38 … 34,72,15,32,23,83,55,51,33

With 8 laps to go in the first stage Kyle Larson was right on race leader Joey Logano’s bumper.

Running order on lap 68: 22,42,2,24,1,18,21,48,88,77 … 31,78,4,5,20,14,41,11,17,27 … 6,19,3,95,47,13,10,37,43,38 … 34,15,32,72,23,55,51,83,33

Stage #1 (Lap 75) Top Ten Finishers: 22,42,2,24,1,18,21,48,31,88

Notable Moment: During the Stage #1 caution Truex Jr. had a slow pit stop that dropped him to 26th.

On lap 85 Chase Elliott passed Joey Logano for the lead. He then led the next 34 laps. Overall he led 104 of the next 109 laps.

Running order on lap 86: 24,42,22,2,18,88,21,1,4,48 … 31,77,11,5,14,20,27,47,3,6 … 10,19,13,43,95,17,78,37,38,34 … 15,32,41,72,23,83,55,51,33

On lap 105 Kyle Busch was said to be happy with his car.

Running order on lap 115: 24,42,2,18,22,48,1,88,21,4 … 11,77,31,14,3,5,78,20,47,27 … 6,13,10,19,95,17,43,37,38,34 … 32

Notable Moment: On lap 118 Corey LaJoie got into the wall and brought out the caution. At this point it was mentioned that Joey Logano was starting to have some minor brake issues.

Notable Moment: During the Corey LaJoie caution Joey Logano and Aric Almirola got speeding penalties. This dropped Joey Logano back to about 30th.

On lap 125 Kevin Harvick wasn’t that happy with his car.

Running order on lap 127: 24,42,18,48,2,1,77,21,11,4 … 5,88,14,20,31,78,3,27,10,13 … 47,38,19,17,37,95,22,6,43,34 … 32,15 (last driver on the lead lap),41,72,23,55,51,83,33

Running order on lap 144: 24,42,18,48,2,1,77,21,11,4 … 5,88,31,14,78,3,20,13,27,10 … 47,19,22

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