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Ricky Stenhouse Jr. – Ricky Stenhouse Jr. has dark horse potential at shorter-flat tracks, from time to time. At these tracks late in races he’s not afraid to use pit strategy and that has allowed him to sneak in some really good results. “Performance Wise” in terms of setting his base line fantasy value I would look for him to be around mid-teens good. Over the last three races at shorter-flat tracks his average finish is 16.0. At Phoenix Stenhouse Jr. has been respectable. Minus the two races he was involved in accidents his average finish is 14.5. This spring Stenhouse Jr. was poised to finish in 12th, but he took advantage of the Green-White-Checker caution and elected not to pit which allowed him to sneak in a 4th place result. Last fall he had his worst non-accident race. In the event he was a low-twenties performer who finished 23rd and had a 26th place average running position. In spring 2016 he blew a tire on lap 163 while running in 21st which led to him hitting the wall hard. When the race reached its conclusion he finished 37th. In fall 2015 he wrecked while running in 19th. In his first five Phoenix races he finished between 12th and 18th. (Yahoo B Driver)

Austin Dillon – Austin Dillon doesn’t have great fantasy value at shorter flat tracks. This year at these venues he has an 18.6 average result and all of his finishes are between 15th and 21st. At Phoenix Dillon doesn’t have a great track record. Minus the two races where he had trouble (results of 38th and 39th) he has a 17.2 average finish. This spring he was a high-teens driver. He finished 18th, had a 19th place average running position and earned the 19th best driver rating. Last fall he was competitive but finished a misleading 39th. His asterisk mark result is the product of a caution coming out during a bad time during the pit cycle, and then later he had some sort of trouble under his hood that wouldn’t let him get up to speed and it led to him getting spun out. Prior to the caution during the pit cycle which put him back in the running order I would estimate he had a 7th place average running position. In spring 2016 he had a strong showing. He finished 9th, had a 10th place average running position and earned the 10th best driver rating. In 3 of his 4 Phoenix races prior to last year he finished between 15th and 24th. (Yahoo B Driver)

AJ Allmendinger – Since 2014 at Phoenix AJ Allmendinger has finished between 16th to 26th every race. Over those six races he has a 19.5 average finish and a 20.3 average running position. This spring Allmendinger didn’t run well. He finished 26th, earned the 26th best driver rating and had a 23rd place average running position. Last year at Phoenix he was very consistent and finished 17th both races. Last fall he was a mid to high-teens driver. In addition to finishing 17th he had a 16th place average running position. In spring 2016 he finished 17th, earned the 20th best driver rating and had a 20th place average running position. This year at shorter flat tracks minus the spring Richmond race he’s finished between 17th and 26th every race, which matches his recent Phoenix track record. On Sunday look for him to be a high-teens to mid-twenties driver. (Yahoo B Driver)

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