Alex Bowman Fantasy NASCAR Racing
Credit: NASCAR Via Getty Images

Dale Earnhardt Jr. – 30 minutes into practice he said, “Something has broke in the engine.” Said he burned a piston. He’ll be changing engines. Started practice with a 7 lap run in race trim that put him 4th on the speed chart. Following that run he said, “The back of the car is wandering around–back and forth.” Early in practice he was the fastest driver in race trim.

Brad Keselowski – Was in qualifying trim exclusively. Didn’t like his brake pedal feel and his team spent a lot of time working on that. At the end of practice his brake pedal still wasn’t where he wanted it.

Martin Truex Jr. – Was in qualifying trim the entire session. Was extremely quick. Tested here recently. Fine tuning. Likes his car.

Kyle Busch – Was in qualifying trim exclusively. Climbed to the top of the speed chart late.

Kyle Larson – Made a long run in race trim. Ran right up against the wall. Appears to have a really good car.

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