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Strengths – In 2018 look for Daniel Suarez to be at his best at intermediate tracks, shorter flat tracks and big flat tracks. Suarez also showed a lot of potential in 2017 at road courses. One notable attribute about Suarez is that he’s demonstrated that he’s a “learner” who gets better and better as he gets seat time.

Weaknesses – Short tracks and plate tracks weren’t friendly to Suarez during his rookie season. Hopefully he’ll show improvement in year two.

Track Type Fantasy Value Key = Elite > High > Medium-High > Medium > Low 

Intermediate Track Fantasy Value – High

Daniel Suarez had a pretty solid season at intermediate tracks in 2017, and in 2018 I think he should be slightly better. Joe Gibbs will still likely have an equipment advantage and he’ll now have a year of experience under his belt.

On most weekends in 2018 I would set his base-line fantasy value as being about an 8th to 14th place performer.

Last season in incident free races on this track type he was a very capable driver. From the Kansas spring race thru the rest of the season minus the races he had problems (Michigan #2, Darlington, Kansas #2 and Homestead) he had a 14.8 average finish and a 14.6 average running position.

Flat Track Fantasy Value – High

Daniel Suarez was a strong performer at flat tracks in 2017. Last year at these venues he scored the 11th most points and finished in the top twelve in 7 of the 9 races. At both the bigger flat tracks and smaller flat tracks he proved to be a capable performer. In 2018 he should have another strong season at these venues.

Personally I like him more at the smaller flat tracks (Phoenix, New Hampshire and Richmond). Last year at those venues he finished in the top twelve in 5 of the 6 races and had a 9.7 average finish.

At the bigger flat tracks (Pocono and Indy) he had a great 2017 season. At those venues he scored the 9th most point and also had a 9.7 average finish. Last year he finished 15th at Pocono #1, during the second trip there and at Indy he finished 7th.

Short Track Fantasy Value – Medium-High

Daniel Suarez didn’t have a great 2017 at short tracks. Last year he scored the 18th most points and only finished in the top ten once. Hopefully in 2018 he’ll show natural improvement at these venues. One attribute I liked about him last year is that in the second trip to each short track he finished better than he did in the first trip to the venue.

Between the three short tracks I like him the most at Richmond. At that venue he’ll compete for a top ten. At the other two tracks (Bristol and Martinsville) I think you have to view him as a mid-teens driver and then hope for the best.

Restrictor Plate Track Fantasy Value – Medium-High

Daniel Suarez’s highlight last year at plate tracks was in the fall Talladega race. He was a serious contender to win leading 11 laps late but than crashing while battling for the lead (finished 15th). In his other three races nothing special happened and he finished 17th or worse.

One attribute that should be noted about him is that in every plate race last year he finished better than the race before. That’s the “Learner” attribute I like about him.

Road Course Track Fantasy Value – High

Daniel Suarez had a good season in 2017 at road courses. He finished 3rd at Watkins Glen and 16th at Sonoma. With a year of experience under his belt I expect him to continue to run well and show improvement at Sonoma.

In 2018 I think he has a good chance to compete for a top ten at all three road courses.

Daniel Suarez