Atlanta Fantasy NASCAR
Credit: Photo by Brian Lawdermilk/Getty Images

Kevin Harvick – Practiced coming to pit road at the start. His car was really good on the stop watch over his opening 20 lap run. Jeff Gordon liked his car over long runs. Said his car was extremely good. Confident.

Martin Truex Jr. – Missed the final 30 minutes of practice because of inspection issues. His car showed really good speed over his opening 9 lap run. Had the best 5 lap average 50 minutes into practice.

Ryan Newman – Early in practice he had his quick lap time which put him #1 on the speed chart. His car was tight overall. He was loose in turn 4. Said he was really busy inside his car. 50 minutes into practice he said he’s looking for a little more from his car.

Jimmie Johnson – Missed the final 15 minutes of practice because of inspection issues. Had competitive lap times.

Kyle Larson – His car had very competitive lap times over his opening 29 lap run. Likes his car and didn’t have any balance issues.

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