NOTE: This post is a recap of what happened in 2017 at Las Vegas

Las Vegas Top Ten Starters

  1. Brad Keselowski
  2. Martin Truex Jr.
  3. Ryan Blaney
  4. Matt Kenseth
  5. Kyle Larson
  6. Joey Logano
  7. Kasey Kahne
  8. Erik Jones
  9. Kyle Busch
  10. Jamie McMurray

Las Vegas Full Starting Lineup

Las Vegas Pre-race Notes

Ricky Stenhouse Jr. started in the rear of the field.

Stage #1 Top Ten Finishers (Lap 80): 78,42,21,2,24,1,48,18,20,88

Stage #2 Top Ten Finishers (Lap 160): 78,2,42,24,22,21,88,1,31,48

Las Vegas Race Notes

Brad Keselowski who won the pole selected the low-line. He led the opening 19 laps.

Top Ten In The Running Order On Lap 10: 2,78,42,21,22,20,77,18,5,24

Running order on lap 17: 2,78,42,21,22,20,77,24,18,5 … 4,1,48,14,41,88,31,11,19,27 … 6,3,13,43,17,95,47,37,34,10

Big Moment: On lap 18 Corey Lajoie got into the wall hard and brought out the first caution.

Notable Moment: During the first round of pit stops, Aric Almirola had a slow stop and had trouble getting in his pit box.

Running order on lap 30: 2,78,22,21,4,18,42,24,20,48 … 1,41,5,14,77,31,88,27,6,11 … 19,3,17,95,47,43,13,37,10

Running order on lap 48: 2,78,22,21,18,4,24,42,48,20 … 1,41,77,5,88,31,14,27,11,3 … 6,17,43,19,95,13,47,37,10,34

Running order on lap 66: 2,78,22,21,18,4,24,42,48,20 … 41,1,88,77,5,31,14,11,27,3,6 … 17,43,13,19,95,47,37,10,34

Big Moment: On lap 68 Kevin Harvick had a flat tire and shot into the wall. He was running in 6th at the time. Harvick started in 19th. This marked the end of his race.

  • During the Harvick caution, Joey Logano elected not to pit, and Jamie McMurray took two tires. This got these drivers up to 1st and 2nd.

During the restart following the Harvick caution Joey Logano fell back like a rock and Martin Truex Jr. shot to the lead.

Stage #1 Top Ten Finishers (Lap 80): 78,42,21,2,24,1,48,18,20,88

Running order on lap 84 under caution following Stage pit stops: 78,42,2,24,88,31,77,27,6,3 … 95,18,1,11,41,20,21,48,14,22

Running order on lap 95: 78,42,2,24,88,77,18,31,6,27 … 11,3,41,48,21,20,22,19,5,14 … 43,1,13,95,17,37,47,34,10

On lap 97 Kurt Busch started to complain about having some voltage issues. He was running just outside the top ten at the time.

Running order on lap 110: 78,2,24,42,88,18,77,31,48,6 … 21,22,20,11,3,5,41,27,43,14 … 1,19,17,13,95,37,47,34,10

On lap 120 Martin Truex Jr. had a 3 second lead over second place Brad Keselowski.

During pit stops around lap 125 while running in 5th place Kyle Busch was caught speeding on pit road. This dropped Busch a lap down.

Running order on lap 137: 78,24,2,42,48,88,22,31,77,21 … 6,11,20,41,1,5,14,43,27,17 (last driver on the lead lap) … 19,18,10,13,47,37,95,3,34,32

Running order on lap 148: 78,24,2,42,48,22,88,77,31,21 … 6,11,20,41,1,14,5,43,17,18 … 27,19,13,47,95,37,3

Notable Moment: On lap 151 Derrike Cope spun and brought out a late caution in Stage #2. During this caution Jimmie Johnson and Kurt Busch didn’t pit. During the restart Johnson and Kurt Busch fell back pretty quickly.

Stage #2 Top Ten Finishers (Lap 160): 78,2,42,24,22,21,88,1,31,48

Running order during the Stage #2 caution after pit stops: 78,2,42,24,22,21,88,31,5,18 … 20,77,1,11,48,6,14,41,43,13 … 27,17,19,95,37,47,3,10,34,32

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