Martinsville Top Ten Starters

  1. Joey Logano
  2. Martin Truex Jr.
  3. Chase Elliott
  4. Ryan Blaney
  5. Clint Bowyer
  6. Denny Hamlin
  7. Brad Keselowski
  8. Erik Jones
  9. Kyle Larson
  10. Aric Almirola

Full Starting Lineup

Martinsville Pre-race Notes

Same day qualifying was used in the fall Martinsville race.

Jimmie Johnson started in the rear of the field.

Paul Menard started in the rear of the field.

Austin Dillon started in the rear of the field.

Stage #1 Top Ten Finishers (Lap 130): 2,18,22,48,78,24,21,5,3,11

Stage #2 Top Ten Finishers (Lap 260): 2,18,22,78,24,21,4,20,14,48

Martinsville Race Notes

Joey Logano who won the pole selected to start in the low-line. He led the opening 48 laps.

On lap 8, Ryan Blaney was right on Joey Logano’s bumper. Ryan Blaney really liked his car early. His team was leaning on Keselowski’s setup.

On lap 10 Jimmie Johnson who started in the back was in 29th.

Running order on lap 27: 22,21,78,2,24,14,11,18,42,77 … 4,1,41,5,43,31,20,19,88,47 … 10,48,37,32,13,95,38,17,27,72 … 3,6,

On lap 30 it was reported that Brad Keselowski had the fastest car on the race track. His car was said to be at its best from lap 30 and on over a run.

Notable Moment: On lap 35 Ricky Stenhouse Jr. and Ty Dillon both spun. Ty Dillon had some front damage. They were running 25th and 26th.

On lap 45 Penske affiliated cars were running 1,2,3

Running order on lap 48: 22,2,21,18,78,24,42,11,4,77 … 1,41,31,20,5,19,14,43,88,48 … 47,10,27,6,3,32,37,38,72,34

On lap 49 Brad Keselowski passed Joey Logano for the lead. Keselowski then led the next 30 laps.

Notable Moment: On lap 63 David Ragan spun and brought out a caution. During this caution about half the field pitted, and half didn’t. Essentially the leaders stayed out and the drivers from around 20th and back pitted.

Running order on lap 69: 2,22,18,21,24,78,11,42,77,4 … 41,20,1,19,31,88,5,14,27,47 … 32,6,72,15,48,10,43,37,3,23

On lap 79 Joey Logano passed Keselowski for the lead and led the next 11 laps.

Notable Moment: On lap 88 AJ Allmendinger who was in 22nd, spun and brought out a caution after contact with Danica Patrick. Allmendinger had a good amount of damage to his car. He took his car to pit road and it marked the end of his race since the caution clock expired.

During the AJ Allmendinger caution Jimmie Johnson didn’t pit and as a result he was now the leader. About ten cars stayed out during this caution.

Running order on lap 97: 48,5,3,43,34,37,23,18,2,78 … 33,22,24,21,4,20,41,31,42,88 … 33,1,19,77,14,72,32,83,6,17 … 10,95,27

On lap 118 Brad Keselowski passed Johnson for the lead.

Running order on lap 123: 2,48,18,22,78,24,21,5,3,11 … 20,41,4,31,14,42,1,43,77,88 … 19,72,34,95,32,37,17,6,27,23

Stage #1 Top Ten Finishers (Lap 130): 2,18,22,48,78,24,21,5,3,11

During the Stage #1 caution, Denny Hamlin was caught speeding on pit road.

Running order on lap 147: 18,2,22,24,78,48,21,5,4,20 … 41,14,31,42,1,77,3,19,88,43 … 72,95,27,34,6,17,37,23,10,11 … 32

Notable Moment: On lap 167 Jamie McMurray made an unexpected pit stop. He had a tire rub and pitted under green which dropped him 3 laps down to 38th. He was running around the mid-teens just before he pitted.

Running order on lap 172: 18,2,24,22,78,21,48,5,4,20 … 41,31,14,77,3,88,19,42,72,43 … 27,11,95,17,34,37,10,6,32,23 … 83,38,

On lap 190 Kyle Busch said he was happy with his handling and that it was the best it’s been all day.

Running order on lap 195: 18,2,24,22,78,21,48,4,20,14 … 5,41,77,31,3,88,11,19,42,43 … 27,17,72,34,95,37,6,10,38,23

On lap 201 Brad Keselowski was right on race leader Kyle Busch’s bumper.

Running order on lap 219: 18,2,22,24,78,21,4,20,48,14 … 41,5,3,77,11,31,88,19,43,17 … 42,27,72,34,95,6,10,37,38,23

On lap 235 Kyle Busch was on Hamlin’s bumper. Hamlin was the last driver on the lead lap.

Running order on lap 245: 18,2,22,24,78,21,4,20,14,48 … 41,5,11,3,31,77,19,88,43,17 … 27,42,34,72,6,95,10,37,38,23

On lap 258, with two laps left in Stage #2 Brad Keselowski took the lead.

Stage #2 Top Ten Finishers (Lap 260): 2,18,22,78,24,21,4,20,14,48

During the Stage #2 caution, Kyle Busch took the lead off pit road.

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