NOTE: This post is a recap of what happened last fall at Richmond

Richmond Top Ten Starters

  1. Matt Kenseth
  2. Denny Hamlin
  3. Kurt Busch
  4. Kyle Larson
  5. Martin Truex Jr.
  6. Kevin Harvick
  7. Kyle Busch
  8. Ricky Stenhouse Jr.
  9. Chase Elliott
  10. Erik Jones

Richmond Full Starting Lineup

Richmond Pre-race Notes

Richmond Stage #1 Top Ten Finishers (Lap 100): 18,42,14,20,78,22,77,4,24,41

Richmond Stage #2 Top Ten Finishers (Lap 200): 78,20,77,22,2,42,88,41,31,18

Richmond Race Notes

Matt Kenseth who started on the pole selected to start in the low line. He led the opening 89 laps.

Running order on lap 13: 20,11,42,78,41,18,4,24,1,17 … 2,14,22,21,5,77,19,88,48,10 … 6,43,47,38,31,3,32,37

Running order on lap 25: 20,78,11,42,41,18,4,1,24,2 … 17,14,21,22,77,88,5,48,10,19 … 6,43,31,3,38,13,27,47,32,37, … 83,95,34,55,23,72,33,15,51

Early in the race Erik Jones didn’t like his car. He started in 10th and was back to 16th on lap 35.

Big Moment: On lap 35 Landon Cassill brought out the first caution when he slammed into the wall.

Around lap 40 Denny Hamlin said his car was so tight it felt like something was broken. He was falling back positions at the time and was in the low teens.

Running order on lap 48: 20,78,18,42,41,24,21,14,4,77 … 5,12,11,22,17,1,48,19,88,10 … 43,6,3,31,38,13,32,47,27,37 … 95,83,55,23,72,33,15,51,34

Running order on lap 67: 20,78,18,42,24,14,41,4,2,77 … 21,5,22,11,17,88,1,19,43,31 … 48,3,38,6,10,13,27,47,95,32 … 83,55

Martin Truex Jr. had a great car. He was closing in on Kenseth for the lead with 76 laps to go.

Clint Bowyer liked his car on lap 77. He said it was quick and headed in the right direction. He was in 6th at the time.

Jimmie Johnson was in 21st on lap 84. He said his car was really loose.

88 laps into the race the caution came out for smoke.

  • During this caution Keselowski, Stenhouse and Menard didn’t pit.

During the ensuing restart Kyle Busch shot to the lead.

Running order on lap 95: 18,42,14,20,77,78,22,4,24,41 … 88,21,5,1,48,19,3,11,43,10 … 2,27,13,17,6,38,47,83

Richmond Stage #1 Top Ten Finishers (Lap 100): 18,42,14,20,78,22,77,4,24,41

During the Stage caution, Clint Bowyer got a pit penalty. He finished 3rd in Stage #1, but was back in 33rd when the race restarted.

Running order on lap 116: 42,18,20,22,78,24,77,4,88,31 … 1,21,41,48,5,2,11,3,43,19 … 13,10,17,27,38,47,14,6,95,32 … 83,55,37,23,72,51,33,15,34

Running order on lap 134: 18,20,42,78,22,24,77,88,4,41 … 2,31,1,48,11,5,21,3,10,19 … 14,17,43,13,27,47,38,6,95,83 … 55,32,37,23,72,51,33,15,34

On lap 154 Martin Truex Jr. passed Kyle Busch for the lead

Running order on lap 155: 78,18,20,42,22,24,77,88,2,41 … 31,48,4,11,5,1,10,21,14,17 … 3,19,27,43,38,95,13,6,47(last driver on the lead lap),83 … 55,32,37,23,72,33,15,51,34

On lap 164 it was mentioned that Erik Jones #77 car got better and better as the race went on. He was in 6th at the time.

On lap 180, Martin Truex Jr. had about a 2 second lead over Matt Kenseth.

Running order on lap 180: 78,20,42,22,18,77,2,88,41,24 … 31,48,10,4,5,11,14,21,1,3 … 27,17,19,95,43,38,13

Joey Logano liked his car on lap 185. He was in 5th at the time.

Richmond Stage #2 Top Ten Finishers (Lap 200): 78,20,77,22,2,42,88,41,31,18

During the Stage #2 caution Harvick had a long pit stop to repair some damage on his nose. It dropped him back to 23rd.

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