Denny Hamlin Fantasy NASCAR Racing
Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

Denny Hamlin – His car was horrendously bad in practice #1 and it really spooked his team. He missed the first 30 minutes in Happy Hour because his team made major changes. When he finally got out on the track he showed a lot of improvement climbing up to 5th and said his car turns significantly better.

Kevin Harvick – Made two really long runs in Happy Hour. Said he was good over a long run but gave up time over about the first 10 laps into a run. Said this is the best car he’s had at Richmond in years. Had the best 20 lap average.

Kyle Busch – Said his car isn’t bad. Said it’s OK. Not quite as good as he wants. Had pretty good speed.

Clint Bowyer – Showed improvement this session. Started with a 19 lap run that put him 9th on the speed chart. Feels good about his car. His crew was pleased with his lap times. Climbed to the top of the speed chart in qualifying trim with 10 minutes remaining.

Chase Elliott – Following his opening run which had him 8th he said he was really happy with his car. 25 minutes into practice he reported he is happy with the front grip of his car. He ended the session with a long run.

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