Dover Fall 2017 Green Flag Average Speeds (PDF)

  1. Chase Elliott
  2. Kevin Harvick
  3. Jimmie Johnson
  4. Kyle Larson
  5. Martin Truex Jr.

NOTE: Harvick made an extra pit stop under green so that likely aided him in this stats

Dover Fall 2017 Fastest Drivers Early In A Run (PDF)

  1. Martin Truex Jr.
  2. Kyle Busch
  3. Brad Keselowski
  4. Ricky Stenhouse Jr.
  5. Kevin Harvick

Dover Fall 2017 Fastest Drivers Late In A Run (PDF)

  1. Chase Elliott
  2. Jimmie Johnson
  3. Martin Truex Jr.
  4. Kyle Busch
  5. Kevin Harvick

NOTE: For both fastest early in a run and late in a run stats for whatever reason only 27 drivers have that stat listed.