NOTE: This post is a recap of what happened in summer 2017 at Pocono

Pocono Top Ten Starters

  1. Kyle Busch
  2. Martin Truex Jr.
  3. Jamie McMurray
  4. Denny Hamlin
  5. Ryan Blaney
  6. Kevin Harvick
  7. Clint Bowyer
  8. Daniel Suarez
  9. Erik Jones
  10. Joey Logano

Full Starting Lineup

Pocono Pre-race Notes

Seven drivers finished in the top ten in both Pocono races last year. They were Erik Jones, Brad Keselowski, Kevin Harvick, Chase Elliott, Martin Truex Jr., Matt Kenseth and Kyle Busch.

Pocono Stage #1 Top Ten (Lap 50): 18,78,4,2,21,1,11,14,42,24

Pocono Stage #2 Top Ten (Lap 100): 14,2,10,41,31,5,17,6,95,47

Pocono Summer 2017 Loop Data Box Score

Pocono Summer 2017 Loop Data Speed Stats

Pocono Race Notes

Kyle Busch who started on the pole selected to start in the outside lane and he led the opening 21 laps.

Big Moment: On lap #1 in turn 3, Matt Kenseth spun and chaos ensued behind him. Aric Almirola got heavy damage and it marked the end of his race. Other drivers who got notable damage were Chris Buescher and Austin Dillon. Michael McDowell also got some minimal damage when he spun into the grass. Matt Kenseth didn’t appear to get any damage.

Running order on lap 11: 18,78,1,21,4,11,77,24,22,2 … 5,14,48,19,41,31,42,17,6,88 … 13,47,95,20,3,38,27,10,34,37

On lap 15 Ryan Blaney who was in 4th place was the first driver who pitted.

Chase Elliott had a slow first pit stop on lap 19.

Running order on lap 21 (This was during a pit cycle): 18,11,77,42,19,17,41,31,88,6 … 20,10,47,3,27,38,95,34,37,23 … 72,15,21,78,2,1,4,22,14,24 … 5,48,55,83,13,33,43,32

Running order on lap 28( This was during a pit cycle. Kyle Busch was the first leader who pitted): 17,19,20,10,3,27,18,78,38,21 … 95,2,1,4,34,14,22,11,24,5 … 48,42,15,41,31,77,6,47,13,55 … 37

Running order on lap 40 (Matt Kenseth was the only driver who didn’t pit yet): 20,18,78,4,2,21,1,14,42,11 … 24,22,48,77,5,41,95,31,38,6 … 34,17,19,47,3,10,27,15,13,37

With 4 laps to go at the end of Stage #1 Matt Kenseth finally pitted.

Running order on lap 49: 18,78,4,2,21,6,14,11,42,24 … 22,48,77,5,41,31,17,19,6,20 … 47,3,10,27,13,37,88,95,38,72

Pocono Stage #1 Top Ten (Lap 50): 18,78,4,2,21,1,11,14,42,24

Matt Kenseth’s who used pit strategy at the end of Stage #1 was now the leader when Stage #2 started.

During the Stage #2 caution Denny Hamlin was caught speeding on pit road. He finished 7th in Stage #1. This dropped Hamlin back into the high-twenties.

On lap 56, during the first green flag lap of Stage #2 Kyle Busch passed Matt Kenseth for the lead.

Big Moment: On lap 58 Jimmie Johnson backed his car into the wall. This marked the end of his race. He was running in the low-teens at the time.

Notable Moment: On lap 63 Ryan Blaney had a tire rub and made an unexpected pit stop. This dropped him a lap down.

Running order on lap 65: 18,4,78,42,20,14,1,19,24,31 … 10,77,41,2,6,17,47,22,11,3 … 5,27,88,13,23,38,72,34,21,95 … 37

On lap 66 Jamie McMurray reported smoke in his cockpit. He was running in 7th at the time. He said it was definitely oil.

Notable Moment: Around lap 68 Ryan Blaney came down pit road again.

Big Moment: Kyle Larson’s drive shaft broke on lap 70 and it sent him to the garage. He was running in 4th at the time.

During a debris caution on lap 71 Jamie McMurray had a long pit stop and his crew went under his hood.

Running order on lap 80: 11,2,78,14,4,24,18,20,77,19 … 10,41,88,31,6,22,5,17,95,3 … 47,13,38,23,27,72,34,1,37,15

Running order on lap 90: 11,78,14,4,24,18,77,2,20,19 … 10,41,88,31,22,17,5,6,95,47 … 13,3,38,27,23,72,34,1,37,15 … 21

On lap 90 Martin Truex Jr. passed Denny Hamlin for the lead.

With 3 laps remaining in Stage #2 Denny Hamlin and Martin Truex Jr. who were running 1 & 2 came to pit road. Many other front runners such as Kyle Busch also came to pit road.

Pocono Stage #2 Top Ten (Lap 100): 14,2,10,41,31,5,17,6,95,47

Notable Moment: During the Stage #2 caution Chase Elliott made an extra pit stop because he thought he had a tire going flat.

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