Denny Hamlin 2018 Fantasy NASCAR Racing
Photo by Matt Sullivan/Getty Images for Texas Motor Speedway

Denny Hamlin – Started in race trim and had pretty good speed in that setup. Since the track was dirty he said you need to take what he learned with a grain of salt. Said it doesn’t look like the tire is laying down a lot of rubber. Said it’s a single groove race track right now and you don’t want to get out of the groove.

Joey Logano – Focused exclusively on qualifying trim. Supposedly his confidence is high this weekend. His late run in qualifying trim jumped him up to 6th. Was parked for the final 15 minutes of practice.

Kasey Kahne – Early in practice he told his team he needs help getting his front end to turn. 20 minutes into practice while he was in race trim he said he was getting tighter through the center as he ran. Later Kahne said his car wasn’t turning in turn 1 at all.

Kyle Busch – Focused on qualifying trim exclusively and jumped to the top of the speed chart during his first run. During a later run he jumped back up to 1st. He ended the session 2nd.

Michael McDowell – Following his opening run in qualifying trim he said, “Darty and wiggly getting down into the corner.”

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