Denny Hamlin 2018 Fantasy NASCAR Racing
Photo by Matt Sullivan/Getty Images for Texas Motor Speedway

Denny Hamlin – Started in race trim. Said his car was tight to the gas early in practice. 30 minutes into practice while he was 5th after completing 11 laps he said, “I just feel like I don’t have entry quite with me.” He also said his exit was all over the place. Had the 8th best average speed.

Chase Elliott – Following his opening 4 lap run which had him 11th he said his car needs a little more turn. Jeff Burton felt like he had the best Hendrick car. Ended the session with a run in qualifying trim which got him up to 4th.. Prior to going to qualifying trim he was 14th. His average speed in the session ranked as the 10th best.

Ty Dillon – Early in practice he said, “Entry feels good. It’s about a 7 or 8 tight on exit.” 20 minutes into practice while he was 20th he said, “It feels like you freed the back of the car up, but the right front is getting too stiff later on exit.” 30 minutes into practice he was looking to loosen the tight balance he has on exit. Late in practice he said, “That freed the back up to where I was a little bit better on exit, but I’m still struggling with the front end. It loosened me up on entry too.”

Ryan Newman – 40 minutes into practice while he was 4th after completing 17 laps (set his fast lap early) he said he’s too loose in turn 2. Likes the bottom line better. The top line has too much counter steering. Ended the session 6th.

Bubba Wallace – Ten minutes into practice Kyle Larson’s spotter made this observation about him, “The 43 is the only one to move up to the center in 4, everyone else has been bottom-bottom.” 20 minutes into practice while he was 20th he his crew chief told him, “We don’t arc in nearly enough.” 30 minutes into practice he said, “We are tight. Not much, but it hurts our rotation.” Ended the session 21st.

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