NOTE: This post is a recap of what happened in the 2018 Daytona 500

Daytona Top Ten Starters

  1. Alex Bowman
  2. Denny Hamlin
  3. Jimmie Johnson
  4. Kyle Busch
  5. William Byron
  6. Erik Jones
  7. Daniel Suarez
  8. Kevin Harvick
  9. Ricky Stenhouse Jr.
  10. Chase Elliott

Daytona Full Starting Lineup

Daytona Pre-race Notes

Brad Keselowski, Austin Dillon, Aric Almirola, William Byron, Matt DiBenedetto, Kyle Larson, Jimmie Johnson and David Gilliland all started in the rear of the field in backup cars.

Daytona 500 Loop Data Box Score

Daytona 500 Loop Data Speed Stats

Stage #1 Top Ten Finishers (Lap 60): 41,88,12,17,78,34,4,9,21,6

Stage #2 Top Ten Finishers (Lap 120): 12,21,22,10,34,78,43,6,3,11

Daytona Race Notes

Denny Hamlin who started in 2nd in the inside lane led the opening ten laps.

Running order on lap 7: 11,43,17,41,31,12,38,9,88,22 … 6,19,20,78,18,13,95,1,21,2

On lap 10 the first caution came out when Corey LaJoie’s engine blew up.

Notable Moment: During the first caution while leading Denny Hamlin overshot his pit box. His crew serviced his car early before it was legal which resulted in a 1 lap penalty.

Notable Moment: Trevor Bayne’s pit crew went over the wall too soon during the first pit stop. Michael McDowell got a speeding penalty during the first pit stop. Both of them had to start in the rear of the field.

Running order on lap 15: 41,88,43,20,17,18,31,95,19,22 … 12,78,38,2,4,9,21,7,1,24 … 96,00,14,23,42,51,47,3,34,13 … 48,10,37,6,62,32,92,11,72

Shortly after the first caution Alex Bowman got the lead and led 8 laps.

Notable Moment: On lap 18, Kasey Kahne drove down pit road after getting loose. He didn’t pit. He kept on going. It dropped him from 5th to 37th.

Ricky Stenhouse Jr. was happy with his car on lap 22. He was running in 3rd at the time.

On lap 23 Ricky Stenhouse Jr. helped Erik Jones get the lead and he led the next 11 laps.

Running order on lap 27: 20,17,18,22,4,19,88,12,41,48 … 78,2,21,42,6,13,34,7,9

Big Moment: On lap 29 while running in the top 5, Kyle Busch had a flat tire and made an unexpected pit stop.

Running order on lap 32: 20,17,22,4,19,12,41,48,88,2 … 42,13,7,21,24,6,31,34,9,78

Running order on lap 37: 17,22,4,48,20,2,12,9,41,14 … 88,19,3,21,42,6,34,38,13,78 … 43,24,7,62,10,31,47,00,37,1 … 96,51,32,92,95,23,66,18,11,72

Running order on lap 44: 17,9,20,22,41,4,19,12,21,2 … 42,48,6,78,34,24,13,88,38,43 …

On lap 47 Chase Elliott and Joey Logano were battling side by side for the lead.

Running order on lap 48: 9,22,41,17,20,19,4,42,12,48 … 2,21,78,24,6,88,13,34,31,38

Big Moment: On lap 50 Kyle Busch had another flat tire. This sent him spinning and caused damage when DJ Kennington clipped the back of his car.

Notable moment: On lap 50 Jamie McMurray had a cut tire.

Running order on lap 54 under yellow (first ten drivers didn’t pit): 41,9,20,17,19,48,78,34,31,47 … 13,22,4,42,12,88,6,21,7,14

Notable Moment: In the closing laps of the first Stage, Kyle Larson had contact with Joey Logano. This caused Joey Logano to make an unexpected pit stop which dropped him 1 lap down.

Running order with two laps to go in the first Stage: 41,20,17,48,19,78,88,34,42 … 9,4,24,31,13,6,95,21,47,7

Big Moment: On the final lap of the first Stage a “Big One” ensued. Drivers collected were William Byron, Erik Jones, Ty Dillon, Daniel Suarez, Jimmie Johnson, Ricky Stenhouse Jr., Martin Truex Jr. and Kyle Larson. This marked the end of the race for Jones, Suarez, Johnson and Ty Dillon. This was Jimmie Johnson’s third wreck of the week.

Stage #1 Top Ten Finishers (Lap 60): 41,88,12,17,78,34,4,9,21,6

Running order on lap 63 under caution: 41,88,12,17,78,34,4,9,21,6 … 31,7,43,10,2,3,62,38,92

Notable Moment: During the Stage caution Kurt Busch slid through is pit box and didn’t get to pit. The following lap he came back to pit road to get service.

Running order on lap 69: 21,12,2,88,17,4,95,10,6,62 … 43,14,9,41,24,38,78,31,3 … 7,23,34,47,42,32,11,00,92,22 (first driver a lap down) … 1,51,66,96,18,20,19,48,13,72

Running order on lap 79: 12,88,21,10,2,4,14,6,9,17 … 62,95,78,43,11,41,24,38,31,10 … 42,34,37,3,00,47,92,32,23,22

Running order on lap 92: 12,21,2,4,88,10,9,6,14,17 … 95,43,78,24,11,38,41,10,31,3 … 62,34,42,37,47,00,92,32,23,22 (first driver a lap down) … 1,51,66,96,18,20,19,48,13,72

Notable Moment: On lap 93 William Byron brushed up against the wall and got a lot of right side damage. He had a flat tire. This brought out a caution.

Notable Moment: Kyle Larson had too many men over the wall during the Byron caution and had to restart in the rear of the field.

Chase Elliott had a strong car and on lap 99 he was in 3rd.

Running order on lap 100: 12,2,4,9,6,78,21,38,17,95 … 41,11,31,7,14,10,34,3,88,43 … 32,62,37,42,47,00,23,92,22 (first driver lap down),1 … 24,51,66,96,18,20,19,48,13,72

Big Moment: On lap 101 while battling for 2nd Chase Elliott and Brad Keselowski had contact and they both wrecked. Other drivers collected were Harvick, Kahne, Ragan and Patrick. This marked the end of the race for Elliott, Keselowski and Harvick.

Big Moment: During the lap 101 “Big One” caution, Clint Bowyer’s team went under his hood. His car was down a cylinder.

Running order on lap 110: 12,21,6,17,41,78,10,11,3,43 … 88,34,47,31,22,23,32,42,62,00

Big Moment: On lap 112, Ricky Stenhouse Jr’s engine started to overheat. He then came to pit road. Prior to his problem he was running in the top five. This dropped him multiple laps down.

Stage #2 Top Ten Finishers (Lap 120): 12,21,22,10,34,78,43,6,3,11

During the Stage #2 pit stop Martin Truex Jr. had a tire violation. He had to restart in the back.

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