Alex Bowman Fantasy NASCAR Racing
Photo Credit: NASCAR Media

Alex Bowman – Practiced running in the draft early. Ten minutes into practice he said, “Feels good so far. I feel like it sucks right up to the next car pretty well.” Spent some time leading a pack about 45 minutes into practice. Dale Earnhardt Jr. said the #88 looked great.

David Ragan – Early in practice after completing two laps he said his car was smooth and the ride quality is fine.

Michael McDowell – Started practice running by himself.  “Drives good, runs good. Gonna be just fine.” Near the end of practice he said, “maybe a smidgen tight.”

Ty Dillon – Started practice running by himself. After everything checked out OK in single car runs he was then sent out to practice in the draft. Midway through practice he spent time leading a group. 45 minutes into practice he said, “Balance is good, but the car doesn’t suck up to the cars in front of it as well as I would like. I have to build a lot of momentum to get a run.”

Kevin Harvick – Started practice running by himself. Later he spent some time leading a draft. He’s using a brand new car this week that should have more down force than before.

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