NOTE: This post is a recap of what happened in fall 2017 at New Hampshire

New Hampshire Top Ten Starters

  1. Kyle Busch
  2. Kyle Larson
  3. Denny Hamlin
  4. Ryan Blaney
  5. Martin Truex Jr.
  6. Kevin Harvick
  7. Kurt Busch
  8. Erik Jones
  9. Kasey Kahne
  10. Matt Kenseth

New Hampshire Full Starting Lineup

New Hampshire Pre-race Notes

Ty Dillon started in the rear of the field in a backup car

Chris Buescher and Landon Cassill started in the rear of the field after changing transmissions

Stage #1 Top Ten Finishers (Lap 75): 78,42,18,77,21,20,2,48,11,4

Stage #2 Top Ten Finishers (Lap 150): 18,20,2,77,42,78,48,11,21,1

New Hampshire Race Notes

Kyle Busch who started on the pole selected the outside lane. He led the opening 39 laps.

On lap 3, Kyle Larson who started in 2nd was back to 5th. He was struggling with rear grip early.

Notable Moment: Around lap 10, Ricky Stenhouse Jr. slapped the wall.

Running order on lap 23: 18,78,21,11,42,77,4,5,20,2 … 41,48,1,31,19,24,22,14,88,3 … 27,10,17,37,47,38,43,6,13,32 … 34,95,23,15,72,83,55,33,51

On lap 30, Martin Truex Jr. was racing Kyle Busch for the lead.

On lap 40 Martin Truex Jr. passed Kyle Busch for the lead. He then proceeded to lead 109 of the next 110 laps. The one lap he didn’t lead was during the Stage caution.

Running order on lap 40: 78,18,42,21,11,77,4,20,2,48 … 41,1,19,5,22,31,14,3,24,27 … 88,10,17,37,47,6

On lap 46 Kyle Busch who was running in 2nd said his car was too loose.

Running order on lap 60: 78,18,42,77,21,11,20,2,48,4 …. 1,19,41,22,31,3,5,14,24,27 … 88,10,17,47,37(last driver on the lead lap),6,34,43,95,38 … 23,13,32,15,72,83,55,33,51

Running order on lap 69: 78,42,18,77,21,20,11,2,48,4 … 11,19,22,3,41,31,5,24,14,27 … 88,17 (Last driver on the lead lap),47,37,10,34,6,43,95,38 … 23,13,32,15,72,83,55,33,51

Stage #1 Top Ten Finishers (Lap 75): 78,42,18,77,21,20,2,48,11,4

Running order on lap 87: 78,18,42,2,20,77,48,11,21,1 … 22,4,14,24,41,5,3,31,88,27 … 17,19,47,10,34,37,95,6,23,32 … 13,43,38

On lap 93 while running in 21st it was mentioned that Ricky Stenhouse Jr.’s team was comfortable with their repair efforts on his car. He got into the wall early.

Running order on lap 105: 78,18,42,20,2,77,48,11,21,1 … 22,4,14,24,41,3,88,5,31,27 … 17,19,47,10,37,34,6,23,95,13 … 43,32,38

On lap 111 it was mentioned that Jimmie Johnson had one of the fastest cars really late in a run.

Running order on lap 122: 78,18,42,20,2,77,48,11,21,1 … 22,14,4,24,41,3,5,88,31,19 … 17,47,27,10,37,34,6,23,95,43 … 38,13

On lap 127 while running in 13th Kevin Harvick wasn’t happy with his car.

Notable Moment: On lap 129 Ty Dillon was black flagged because of a window net issue. Prior to his problem he was in 32nd, after this problem he was now 3 laps down in 35th.

Running order on lap 140: 78,18,20,42,2,77,48,11,21,1 … 22,14,24,4,3,5,41,19,88,31 … 47,27,17,10,37,34,6,23,95,43 … 38,32

Big Moment: On the last lap in Stage #2 a massive wrecked ensued. Austin Dillon and Kevin Harvick had contact and Harvick spun. Kurt Busch plowed into the #4. Martin Truex Jr. who was the race leader spun and got damage to his right rear. This marked the end of the race for Harvick and Kurt Busch who were both running in the teens. This caution allowed Kyle Busch to win Stage #2.

Stage #2 Top Ten Finishers (Lap 150): 18,20,2,77,42,78,48,11,21,1

Running order on lap 165: 18,77,20,42,48,2,1,21,24,22 … 14,5,11,78,19,31,3,47,17,10 … 27,37,34,23,43,6,95,38,15,32 … 13

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