Jimmie Johnson Fantasy NASCAR Racing
Photo Credit: NASCAR Media

Jimmie Johnson – Started in qualifying trim. Good on short run speed, needs to improve on long run speed. His team wants him to improve in the bus stop turn. 40 minutes into practice while he was 4th his spotter said, “Getting through the S’s better.” Johnson replied, “I felt pretty good.” His average speed ranked as the 8th best.

Denny Hamlin – Has a fast car. 20 minutes into practice he climbed up to the top of the speed chart. His car was said to be good in the braking zones. His average speed ranked as the 6th best.

Kyle Busch – Early in practice among drivers in race trim he was the quickest. Very fast over long runs. His average speed ranked as the best. Chase Elliott thought he had the best car.

Clint Bowyer – His car was smoking underneath. Changed his transmission before practice. He had an o-ring leaking. Said his car is really fast. His average speed ranked as the 5th best.

Chase Elliott – Following his opening run he reported that his handling was much better. In the closing minutes of practice in qualifying trim he jumped to the top of the speed chart. Said his car has been all overall the place. He felt like it was driving pretty good at the end of practice.

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