NOTE: This post is a recap of what happened in spring 2018 at Bristol

Bristol Top Ten Starters

  1. Kyle Busch
  2. Kurt Busch
  3. Brad Keselowski
  4. Ricky Stenhouse Jr.
  5. Ryan Blaney
  6. Kyle Larson
  7. Paul Menard
  8. Alex Bowman
  9. Michael McDowell
  10. Joey Logano

Full Starting Lineup

Bristol Pre-race Notes

Kevin Harvick and Kurt Busch started in the rear of the field in backup cars.

Jimmie Johnson started in the rear of the field because of an unapproved tire change.

The fuel window was 150 to 160 laps.

Bristol Spring 2018 Loop Data Box Score

Bristol Spring 2018 Loop Data Speed Stats

Stage #1 Top Ten (Lap 125): 2,31,14,47,42,20,10,48,17,41

Stage #2 Top Ten (Lap 250): 2,18,48,11,42,17,88,4,3,43

Bristol Race Notes

Kyle Busch who started on the pole selected to start in the outside line. He led the opening 16 laps. He jumped to a pretty big early lead.

Big Moment: On lap 4 Chase Elliott, Martin Truex Jr. and Michael McDowell wrecked. This dropped Elliott and McDowell down a few laps. Truex Jr. remained on the lead lap.

Running order on lap 10: 18,12,22,17,21,42,19,2,24,43 … 88,3,14,11,20,48,95,10,13,32 … 31,00,41,23,55,6,47,4,72 … 51,37,66,78,96,38,9,34,15

On lap 17, Ryan Blaney passed Kyle Busch for the lead.

After Kyle Busch was passed he started falling back in the running order. His car wasn’t too his liking early.

Notable Moment: On lap 18, AJ Ammendinger spun when he came down the track on Jamie McMurray. He didn’t hit anything. They were racing for 27th.

Running order on lap 31: 12,22,17,42,24,2,88,11,20,18 … 19,48,43,21,95,32,4,3,10 … 37,41,13,6,47,31,23,1,00 … 55,51,96,78,72,66,9,34,15

Notable Moment: On lap 46 the caution came out for rain. The cars came down pit road and the race went to a red flag. During the red flag, Chase Elliott’s team was penalized 1 lap because they started repairing his car before they could. He was already multiple laps down at the time.

Running order on lap 53 under caution: 12,22,17,2,42,88,11,20,18,24 … 21,19,43,95,4,32,3,41,14,47 … 37,31,10,38,48,13,23,6,00,1 … 51,55,78,96,72,66,9,34,15

Notable Moment: During the caution for rain around lap 54, Alex Bowman had a tire get loose on pit road (penalty). Ryan Newman was caught speeding on pit road. Joey Logano had a slow stop (lost 6 positions).

Notable Moment: On lap 61, Ricky Stenhouse Jr. who was running in 2nd was spun. He didn’t hit anything but he lost his track position.

Running order on lap 76: 12,22,21,2,20,41,42,18,11,95,… 3,14,4,19,48,24,10,32,43,1 … 88,6,31,17,38,23,00,47,37,13 … 55,51,96,72,66,78,9,34,15

Notable Moment: On lap 77, Ty Dillon was off pace and went to pit road. He was running in 30th at the time. This dropped him 3 laps down.

Running order on lap 97: 12,2,22,21,42,20,18,11,95,41 … 3,4,14,48,24,10,88,19,43,31, … 17,47,32,6,1,38,38,00,23(last driver on the lead lap),51

Stenhouse Jr. was really happy with his car.

Big Moment: On lap 117, Ryan Blaney who was the race leader wrecked. His car was totaled. Up to this point he led 100 laps. Other drivers who were involved in this multi-car accident were Trevor Bayne, Chris Buescher, Jamie McMurray and Harrison Rhodes. This marked the end of the race for Blaney, Buescher and Rhodes.

Stage #1 Top Ten (Lap 125): 2,31,14,47,42,20,10,48,17,41

Notable Moment: During the Stage caution, Ricky Stenhouse Jr. had an uncontrolled tire. Jamie McMurray had too many men go over the wall during his pit stop.

Running order on lap 139: 42,41,20,48,21,88,4,24,18,22 … 43,11,38,2,95,10,19,14,3,6 … 17,31,47,00,1(last driver on the lead lap),32,55,72,95,78

Big Moment: On lap 155, Trevor Bayne spun and brought out the caution. He had a good amount of damage at time. This was a long caution because the race was stopped for rain.

Running order on lap 170: 42,21,22,41,20,11,88,19,24,17 … 48,4,18,2,10,95,31,3,14,1 … 38,43,47,00,32,6,72,55,78,96

On lap 177, Kyle Larson had a 3 second lead over Paul Menard

Notable Moment: On lap 185 Kurt Busch came down pit road. He had a flat tire. He was running in 5th at the time and this dropped him 3 laps down.

On lap 185, Kyle Larson had a 5 second lead.

Running order on lap 199: 42,11,21,17,18,22,19,48,4,3 … 95,88,2,31,24,14,10,43,47,20

Notable Moment: Around lap 200, Erik Jones got into the wall. Around that time Joey Logano got into the wall also.

Big Moment: On lap 204 the red flag came out for rain. This marked the end of the race for the day (Sunday).

On lap 217, on MONDAY the race finally resumed.

Running order on lap 220: 42,18,11,48,31,21,2,4,88,17 … 22,95,3,24,19,20,00,10,14,1 … 43,38,47,32,6,41,72,55,78,96

Notable Moment: On lap 240, Erik Jones made an unexpected pit stop for a tire issue. He was running around the mid-teens at the time and it dropped him a few laps down.

Running order on lap 242: 42,2,18,48,11,17,88,4,3,21 … 24,43,14,31,19,10,22,47,32,00

Stage #2 Top Ten (Lap 250): 2,18,48,11,42,17,88,4,3,43

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