Ryan Blaney Fantasy NASCAR
Credit: Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Ryan Blaney – This spring at Bristol nobody had a more misleading result than Ryan Blaney. He had a phenomenal car that may have very well been the best. He finished 35th, but that’s an extremely misleading result. In the race he started 5th and led 100 laps, but on lap 117 while he was the race leader he was caught up in a wreck. Based on how he performed he was definitely a top five contender.

Brad Keselowski – Brad Keselowski had a strong performance this spring at Bristol. He won Stage #1, won Stage #2, led 67 laps, had an 8th place average running position but in the final segment he developed suspension problems which eventually sent him careening into the wall, dooming him to a 23rd place finish. If his race would’ve been incident free I think he would’ve had a great chance to finish in the top five.

Kurt Busch – Kurt Busch finished 22nd this spring at Bristol but that’s not representative of how he performed. He ran very well and “Performance Wise” I think he he was clearly top ten good. On lap 185 while he was running in 5th he had a flat tire and made an unexpected pit stop which dropped him 3 laps down. In Stage #1 prior to his problem he finished 10th.

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