Ryan Newman Fantasy NASCAR
Photo Credit: John K Harrelson/NKP

Ryan Newman – 30 minutes into practice while he was 1st (started in qualifying trim) after completing 22 laps he said, “I’m feeling pretty sporty right now.” His team reported he was solid at both ends of the track. 45 minutes into practice he said, “Really good balance-wise, end-to-end on the race track.” His ten lap average ranked as the 7th best.

Aric Almirola – Got into the wall 20 minutes into practice. His team was able to repair his car and he returned later in the session.”Got the right side, bad. I got it bad, I’m telling you.”

Alex Bowman – Has a fast car. Among drivers who started with a long run in race trim he was one of the fastest. Following his first run which put him 10th (some drivers ahead of him were in qualifying trim) he said he could use more rear security. He also said he got a little unstable there at the end. At the end of practice while he was 10th he said, “A little tight rolling back to the wall. I had good drive though.”

Kasey Kahne – Started in qualifying trim. Following his first run in qualifying trim he said, “I had a lot of wheel but then I just didn’t commit in 3&4 enough… I had good grip everywhere though.” During his second run in qualifying trim he said, “Tight getting into 1, but pretty good all the way around 3 & 4 though.”

Kevin Harvick – Started in qualifying trim. Had good long run speed. Had the 3rd best ten lap average.

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