Credit: John Harrelson/NKP

Regan Smith – Driving the #95 in place of Kasey Kahne this weekend. Started with a two lap run in race trim. Following his first run he said, “Something is rubbing just a little bit but don’t think it’s the splitter.” Following his second run he said, “Don’t like that as much. It made the nose harsher and I don’t think that races well.” With about 20 minutes to go while he was 27th he went to qualifying trim.

AJ Allmendinger – Started in race trim. His opening run in that setup put him in 23rd. Following his run he reported that he’s landing tight through the bumps in turns 3 and 4. Right after those comments he went to qualifying trim. In qualifying trim he was still tight through turns 3 and 4.

William Byron – Started in race trim with a 4 lap run. His first run put him 8th. He reported his car is tight over the bumps in turns 1 and 2. 40 minutes into practice he made his first run in qualifying trim and at that time he was 18th. He reported his car is too tight over the bumps in 1&2, but good in 3&4.

Kurt Busch – Started in qualifying trim. “We’re not loose anywhere, I just can’t go back to gas and have that left side planted. It’s kind of washed up and sliding a little bit.” Ended the session 5th.

Chase Elliott – Focused on qualifying trim exclusively. Following his first run in qualifying trim he reported he came to the green good but needs some improvement in turn 1 and 2.

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