David Ragan Fantasy NASCAR
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David Ragan – David Ragan will never be known for his road course racing prowess. On Sunday I’m keeping the bar low and unless the attrition rate is sky high I think he’s likely a mid-twenties driver. Since 2015 on this track type he hasn’t finished better than 22nd and in 4 of those 8 races he’s finished in the thirties. This year at road courses he’s had his best season in a long-time and finished in the twenties both races. He finished 22nd at Sonoma, and 26th at Watkins Glen.

Bubba Wallace – At Charlotte, I think a lot can go wrong for Bubba Wallace. He crashed in testing and on Sunday I think he’s a great candidate to wreck again. This year at road courses he hasn’t done anything to inspire confidence. He finished 29th at Sonoma and at Watkins Glen he finished 25th. With his team really lacking performance heading into the weekend I’m keeping expectations very low for him. Unless the attrition rate is sky high I don’t see him being any better than finishing in the low to mid-twenties.

Ty Dillon – At Charlotte, I don’t think anything good is going to come from picking Ty Dillon. This year on this track type he finished 33rd at Sonoma and 23rd at Watkins Glen. Last year at these venues he was just a tick better (Finished 28th at Sonoma and 19th at Watkins Glen). Based on his weekly level of performance I think he’s poised to be a low to mid-twenties driver. On Sunday I would look for him to finish around that range again, but would lean more towards a result in the mid-twenties.

Matt DiBenedetto – Matt DiBenedetto has been respectable, in his tier in recent races at Sonoma. I find that encouraging. He finished 17th this year, and 23rd last year. At Watkins Glen he had problems this year and finished 33rd, in his two incident free races he finished 28th (2017) and 26th (2015). On Sunday I’m going to lean towards him being about a mid-twenties driver who has potential to finish marginally better.

Trevor Bayne – Trevor Bayne will be piloting the #6 at Watkins Glen. I guess Matt Kenseth wanted nothing to do with this weekend. I really don’t see any upside with Bayne. I don’t think he’s a good road course racer and I think a result in the twenties should be expected. In 6 of his 7 races on this track type he’s finished 22nd or worse. This year at Sonoma when he drove the #6 he finished 27th.

Regan Smith – Regan Smith will once again be driving the #95 at Charlotte. If you’re looking for a low to mid-twenties performer than I think he might be the driver for you. I would probably lean more towards the mid-twenties. At Sonoma his average finish is 28.8 and at Watkins Glen his average finish is 29.2.

Landon Cassill – At Charlotte I would look for Landon Cassill to be a high-twenties to low-thirties driver. For him to finish better than that range the attrition rate will need to be really high. At Watkins Glen in August he finished 31st and at Sonoma earlier this year he was benched.

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