Credit: Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

NOTE: Almost all the teams focused on qualifying trim this session.

Kyle Larson – His opening run in qualifying trim put him at the top of the speed chart. He ended the session first. Said his car was really good. Happy about his car so far.

Regan Smith – Started in race trim and ran 8 laps in that setup (29th of 36 cars). Following his run in race trim he said, “Lands a little better. Initial back to throttle was freer there. Middle is more of an issue there with the back getting loose.” He then went to qualifying trim.

Bubba Wallace – Started in race trim and ran 14 laps in that setup. You really can’t compare his speed but he was pretty far down on the speed chart (31 of 36).

Ty Dillon – Following his opening 4 lap run which was likely in race trim he said, “I’m tight landing like it’s on the splitter, but my exit is pretty good.” 20 minutes into practice he said, “Overall balance that time was looser with less grip. We got rid of some of the tightness in the middle, but we need to do more.” During a late run he said he was lacking rear grip on entry and exit. At the end of practice he said, “That was better. Now we need more front grip through the middle.”

Clint Bowyer – Was in qualifying trim exclusively. Wasn’t that happy with his car this session.

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