Kyle Larson Brad Keselowski Fantasy NASCAR
Credit: Sarah Crabill/Getty Images

Every week in NASCAR there’s drivers who have problems in the race and walk away with an asterisk mark result. Understanding misleading finishes and knowing how good drivers truly were can help give you the edge on your competition. Many fantasy racers just look at results and assume that’s how good drivers were. This post explains who had a misleading result this spring at Kansas, and how good they truly were.

Ryan Blaney – This spring at Kansas, Ryan Blaney had one of the best cars but finished an asterisk mark 37th. In the race he won Stage #1, finished 3rd in Stage #2, led 54 laps and had a 4th place average running position. Unfortunately, while he was battling Kyle Larson for third with 20 laps to go he wrecked. If his race would’ve been incident free I think he was poised to finish in the top five.

Brad Keselowski – Brad Keselowski looked really competitive this spring at Kansas but finished a misleading 14th. In Stage #2 he made two unexpected pit stops for loose wheels. Prior to pitting he was running in 5th. In Stage #1 he finished 3rd. If his race would’ve been incident free I think he had a great chance to compete for a top five.

Clint Bowyer – This spring at Kansas, Clint Bowyer had a good car and was a top ten contender but his race wasn’t incident free. With 15 laps to go while he was running around 10th he was collected in “The Big One.” From the race it should be noted he finished 10th in Stage #1, 8th in Stage #2 and had an 11th place average running position.

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