Kevin Harvick Fantasy NASCAR
Credit: Photo by Sarah Crabill/Getty Images

Kevin Harvick – Liked his car in practice #2 after his first run. He feels like the tire will really play to his favor. Wasn’t concerned about being down the speed charts in practice #2. Has a fast long run car. Focused on running the low-line. Dale Earnhardt Jr. really liked his lap times late in a run. He gives up time early in a run but late in a run he was extremely fast. His 15 lap average late in practice ranked as the 10th best.

Martin Truex Jr. – Liked his car during his first run in practice #2 but not as much after that. In Happy Hour he looked really good and chased down Kyle Busch. Practiced running many different lines. Has really good long run speed. His opening run was 30 laps and he was consistently fast. His 15 lap average late in practice ranked as the 2nd best.

Joey Logano – Has a fast car. Had very good long run speed. With ten minutes remaining he had the best 5, 10 and 15 lap average speed.

Kyle Busch – Early in practice following his first run he said under compression his car wants to drive towards the wall. His 15 lap average late in practiced ranked as the 3rd best. Got into the wall during his final run. His team will be able to repair his car.

Ty Dillon – 10 minutes into practice while he was 29th he said, “It’s starting to get too tight through the middle. I like what it’s doing on entry and exit, but the middle isn’t good.” 40 minutes into practice he said, “It lacks too much grip for me to run the top. We need more rear grip and forward drive.”

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