Joey Logano Fantasy NASCAR
Photo Credit: NASCAR Media

Joey Logano – Had good speed early in practice. Among drivers who were out practicing early he had the fastest car. Had good long run speed over his opening 20 lap run. His lap #20 was faster than Truex Jr.’s lap #20 speed. Had the best 5 and 10 lap averages. During his second run he was tight. Dale Earnhardt Jr. liked his speed. Had the 4th best “NBC Average Speed.”

Aric Almirola – Appears to have a pretty good car this weekend. Had the 9th best “NBC Average Speed.”

Kyle Larson – Was extremely quick over a long run. Has a great car. His “NBC Average Speed” ranked as the 3rd best.

Alex Bowman – 20 minutes into practice while he was 31st he said, “Real loose right away. Not a lot of grip.” 40 minutes into practice he said, “Definitely cut the center better. Just no drive.”

Regan Smith – Started with a ten lap run that put him 21st. Following his run he said, “Started trending freer and freer as I ran, but the middle is too tight. I just don’t have the grip and security as I get up towards the wall.” 25 minutes into practice he said, “The car just goes through a transition like a light switch. Feels like it can’t maintain what I’m asking it to do.” Some late changes helped him be more consistent on exit. Late in practice he said, “This freed it up in and off and the middle is still tight. Corner was disconnected as well but that might have been the tires.”

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