Bubba Wallace Fantasy NASCAR

Bubba Wallace

Points Finish 28th,  0 Wins,  1 Top Five,  3 Top Tens,  10 Top Twenties, 24.5 Average Finish, 24.4 Average Running Position,  19 Laps Led, 54.8 Driver Rating


Plate racing has been a strength for Bubba Wallace and if you’re looking to pick him those venues should be near the top of your radar.


The #43 team isn’t very competitive. Outside of plate tracks a result around 20th has typically proven to be a good day for them.

Intermediate Track Fantasy Value – C

Intermediate tracks which comprise nearly half of the NASCAR schedule are a weakness for Bubba Wallace. In 2018 over the 17 races held on this track type he had 1 top ten, 1 top fifteen and just 4 results in the top 20.  Also over these combined events his average finish was 23.3 and his average running position was 24.3. It’s important to note his lone top ten/ top fifteen happened in the spring race at Texas which was a super high attrition event so I wouldn’t read into that result since his finish was inflated.

At intermediate tracks there isn’t any particular venue where I would target Wallace, unless you’re in a Daily Fantasy Sport (DFS) situation and he qualifies at the back. Over the course of the 2018 season he never showed improvement at these venues. In the Playoffs minus Las Vegas where he had a front hub problem all of his results on this track type were between 21st and 26th.

One bright spot for him, which really isn’t that bright, but in 2 of the 3 races at 2.0 mile ovals he finished in the top 20 (19th and 20th). When you take into account he only had 4 top twenties on this track type in 2018 that’s pretty good!

In 2019, I would look for more of the same from him and expect a low to mid-twenties finish.

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Flat Track Fantasy Value – C-

Bubba Wallace had a tough time at flat tracks in 2018. He finished 10th at Phoenix in the fall, but in the other 7 combined races his average finish was a dismal 30.4 with him having finished 25th or worse every race.

Last year at bigger flat tracks he had engine problems at Pocono in the spring, crashed dramatically at Pocono in the summer (video) and then crashed at Indy. Going 3 for 3 in terms of having problems is quite worrisome. At these venues I think he’ll likely prove to be a low to mid-twenties performer.

In 2018 at shorter flat tracks (Phoenix, Richmond and New Hampshire) he finished 10th at Phoenix in the fall but in the other four races he finished between 24th to 28th.

In 2019 in terms of setting a baseline finish for him across this track type I would view him as a mid-twenties driver and then hope for lots of attrition.

Short Track Fantasy Value – C

Bubba Wallace was really bad at short tracks last year. For the season at these venues his average finish was 29th. His lone highlight was a Bristol in the spring. In that event he finished 16th and at one point he drove up to the front and led 6 laps. In the other five races he was quite bad and finished 25th or worse every race.

In 2019 across the board I think he’ll likely be a mid-twenties driver who has potential to finish marginally better if things go well.

I will note I did like what I seen from him at Bristol in the spring. In the summer he never had a chance to prove if that performance was a fluke because he completed 3 laps before wrecking.

Plate Track Fantasy Value – B

Bubba Wallace shouldn’t be overlooked at restrictor plate tracks. If I had to pick him on any track type these would be the venues I would pick him.

Last season at plate tracks he had a 12.8 average finish and a 14.5 average running position.

At Daytona he has three starts under his belt and sports a 10.3 average finish. Last year he finished 2nd in the Daytona 500 and finished a solid 14th in July. In summer 2017 he finished 15th.

At Talladega he has a pair of results in the teens. He finished 19th in the fall, and 16th in the spring.

Road Course Fantasy Value – C

Road course racing isn’t a strength for Bubba Wallace. If you pick him you should expect a mid-twenties finish and then hope something goofy happens in the race.

Last season at Watkins Glen he had his best result on this track type and finished 25th. At Sonoma he had his next best result and finished 29th. At Charlotte he crashed and finished 36th.

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