Chris Buescher Fantasy NASCAR

Chris Buescher

Points Finish 24th,  0 Wins,  2 Top Fives,  2 Top Ten,  18 Top Twenties, 21.0 Average Finish, 22.1 Average Running Position, 1 Lap Led, 59.28 Driver Rating

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Chris Buescher should be high on your fantasy NASCAR radar at plate tracks. Last year at those venues he was one of the best drivers in the series. I will note in previous season’s he wasn’t nearly as successful at plate tracks. In 2019 he’s definitely worth a roll of the dice. 

Among his tier, Chris Buescher is also a respectable road course racer.


Short tracks and flat tracks have been notable weak spots on the schedule for Chris Buescher. In 2019 I would avoid him at both of those track types.

Intermediate Track Fantasy Value – B-

Chris Buescher was a quality option at intermediate tracks in 2018 among his tier. In 2019 I think there’s a good chance he’ll be slightly more competitive. He’ll upgrade from having an RCR engine to a Hendrick power plant. His team already had a technical alliance with Hendrick Motorsports so this should further help increase his level of competitiveness.

In 2018 over the 17 combined races he had a 21.9 average finish and a 21.3 average running position. I’ll note closing out the season he was pretty respectable and over the last 6 races (Darlington and onward) he had a 19.2 average finish and had a result in the teens in half the events.

In 2019 I would look for Buscher to be a high-teens to low-twenties driver most weekends.

Flat Track Fantasy Value – C+

At flat tracks you don’t want to set high expectations for Chris Buescher. Last year on this track type minus Pocono #2 where he had transmission trouble he had a 23.6 average finish and a 26.3 average running position.

When it comes to shorter flat tracks in 2019 I think he’ll likely be a low to mid-twenties driver. Last year he had two results between 18th and 20th, two results between 29th and 30th, and one result in the middle of those two ranges (26th at Richmond). At the three shorter-flat tracks he isn’t a standout performer at any of them and his average finish is between 25.0 to 28.8.

At bigger flat tracks he’s managed to sneak in some good results over the course of his career, but goofy things need to happen in races for that to happen (rain or high-attrition).

At Pocono he won in summer 2016 but in his other five races minus the event last summer (transmission failure) his average finish is 22.25. Last spring when he had an incident free race he finished 17th.

At Indy, he finished 25th last year. In the two events prior to that wild things happened and he snuck in results of 9th and 14th.

Short Track Fantasy Value – C+

Chris Buescher has room for improvement at short tracks. Last year at these venues he had a 24.5 average finish. That matches his 24.5 average finish from 2017. If you pick him at these venues you should be prepared for him to finish in the low to mid-twenties. A really good finish for him would be a result in the high-teens. For him to finish better than that range something goofy happened in the race.

Martinsville ranks as his best short track. Last year he had results of 13th and 23rd. Over the last four races there his average finish is 17.0. His overall average finish is 21.7.

At Bristol, he finished 19th last summer and in the spring he crashed. Outside of an attrition aided 5th in summer 2016 his 19th from last summer ranks as his best finish.

Richmond is the short track where I trust him the least. His overall average finish is 27.2 and last year he had results of 30th and 26th.

Plate Track Fantasy Value – B

Chris Buescher should definitely be on your fantasy NASCAR  radar at restrictor plate tracks. He’s proven that he’s capable of sneaking in good results. Last year on this track type he scored the 4th most points and had a 10.5 average finish. In 3 of the 4 races he finished in the top 11.

Daytona has been a great track for him recently. Last year he finished 5th in both events and his current top ten streak at Daytona stands at 3.

At Talladega, he finished 21st last fall and 11th in the spring. Over his last four races there his average finish is 16th.

In the two prior seasons for him on this track type things weren’t great. He scored the 26th most points in 2017, and the 36th most in 2016.

Road Course Fantasy Value – B-

Last season at road courses, Chris Buescher was one of eight drivers who went 3 for 3 in terms of finishing in the top 20. For the season his average finish was 16.3. In 2017 on this track type his average finish was 15.0. Currently at road courses he’s a perfect 5 for 5 in terms of finishing in the top 20 since driving the #37.

In 2018 when the Charlotte Road Course made its debut he finished 17th.

Last season at Sonoma he had his best road course finish for the year and finished 12th. In 2017 he finished 19th.

At Watkins Glen in 2018 he finished 20th, in 2017 he had his overall best result on this track type and finished 11th.

In 2019 I would view him as a mid to high-teens driver and lean towards him more being a high-teens finisher.