NOTE: This post is a recap of what happened in 2018 at Auto Club Speedway

Auto Club Top Ten Starters

  1. Martin Truex Jr.
  2. Kyle Busch
  3. Kyle Larson
  4. Erik Jones
  5. Austin Dillon
  6. Joey Logano
  7. Kurt Busch
  8. Ryan Blaney
  9. Ryan Newman
  10. Kevin Harvick

Auto Club Top Ten Starters

Auto Club Pre-race Notes

Alex Bowman, Daniel Suarez, Michael McDowell and Gray Gaulding all started in the rear of the field.

Drivers who didn’t attempt a qualifying lap which caused them to start near the back: 24,95,11,14,48,88,9,10,19,47

Caution Count:

Total cautions – 5

  • 2 Stage cautions
  • 3 cautions for accidents

Stage #1 Top Ten Finishers (Lap 60): 78,18,22,2,48,42,41,20,14,11

Stage #2 Top Ten Finishers (Lap 120): 78,2,18,11,20,22,48,42,14,24

Auto Club Race Notes

Martin Truex Jr. who started on the pole selected to start in the outside line. He led the opening 10 laps.

On lap 6 it was reported that Alex Bowman gained 15 positions. He started in the rear of the field because of an engine change.

Running order on lap 10: 78,18,20,22,42,41,4,12,2,21 … 1,31,3,17,37,10,88,14,11,6

On lap 11, Kyle Busch took the lead. He then led the next 18 laps.

Running order on lap 15: 18,78,20,42,4,22,41,12,2,1 … 21,31,3,10,17,11,37,88,14,9 … 6,48,24,95,43,19,47,38,13,32 … 34,15,72,23,55,51,00

On lap 26, Joey Logano was the first driver to make a green flag pit stop. Around lap 28 a lot more drivers decided to make their first pit stop.

Running order on lap 30: 18,78,22,4,42,1,20,2,32,41 … 12,72,21,3,11,31,10,48,9,88

Running order on lap 36: 78,18,42,4,22,2,20,41,12,21 … 11,3,31,48,9,10,1,88,6,14 … 17,19,24 (last driver on the lead lap),37,95,43,47,38,13,34 … 32,15,72,55,23,51,00

Big Moment: On lap 38, Kevin Harvick and Kyle Larson had contact. Kevin Harvick’s car got massive damage. He continued racing but was many laps down and was no longer competitive. They were battling for third. Kyle Larson didn’t appear to have any damage that impacted him competitively.

Running order on lap 46: 78,18,2,22,41,48,3,12,1,9 … 20,14,10,21,42,19,88,31,24,11 … 6,17,37,95,38,34,43,47,13,32 … 15,72,23,55,51,4,00

Notable Moment: On lap 48, Ryan Blaney slid up from the middle groove and got into the wall. He was in 8th and it quickly dropped him to 15th. On lap 49 he came down pit road.

Running order on lap 53: 78,18,22,2,48,41,42,3,20,1 … 14,9,10,11,19,21,24,88,6,37 … 31,17,95,34,38,43,47,32,15,13 … 72,12,23,55,51,4,00

Stage #1 Top Ten Finishers (Lap 60): 78,18,22,2,48,42,41,20,14,11

Running order on lap 80: 78,22,18,42,2,11,48,20,14,24 … 10,1,41,19,88,9,3,21,17,31 … 6,47,43,95,38,37,34,15,32,12 … 13,72,23,55,51,00,4

On lap 82 it was reported that Daniel Suarez was happy with his car. He was in a backup and was up to 14th.

Around lap 90 green flag pit stops begun in Stage # 2.

Running order on lap 92 (somewhat during a pit cycle): 18,1(didn’t pit yet),78,42,22,11,48,2,20,15(pitting at the time) … 14,12,10,41,9,19,24,3,88,21

Running order on lap 98: 78,42,22,18,11,2,20,48,14,10 … 41,19,9,24,3,88,21,12,6,1 … 31,37,38,47,43,95,34,32,15,17 … 13,72,23,55,51,00,4

Notable Moment: On lap 102, Ryan Blaney made another unscheduled pit stop. He got into the wall earlier in the race.

Big Moment: On lap 109, Trevor Bayne got into the wall hard. This marked the end of his race. Bayne was running around 19th at the time.

Running order on lap 112 (under caution): 78,18,2,22,11,20,42,48,19,10 … 14,41,9,24,3,1,88,31,37,47

Stage #2 Top Ten Finishers (Lap 120): 78,2,18,11,20,22,48,42,14,24

Kyle Busch shot to an early lead during the final Stage restart.

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