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Bristol 2 Early Week Pre-Practice Top 20 Fantasy Projections – IRWIN Tools Night Race

There’s nothing quite like some Saturday night short track racing at Bristol Motor Speedway. We raced here back in March, but the finishing order wasn’t very indicative of who had the best car because of some drivers being on different strategies. I don’t think we’ll see that again this time around. Track position is very important at Bristol […]

Michigan 2 Post Practice Fantasy NASCAR Predictions – Pure Michigan 400

Johnson Struggling, Gordon Still Fast Michigan International Speedway was repaved before the 2012 season and is now the fastest track on the circuit. So, when we’re looking at who to pick in fantasy, those with the strongest engines definitely have an advantage. However, races here often come down to fuel mileage events as well, so […]

Michigan 2 Early Week Pre-Practice Top 20 Fantasy Projections – Pure Michigan 400

Can Six Time Turn Things Around? Michigan International Speedway was repaved before the 2012 season, so we now have a solid 5 races to look at when making our picks this weekend. We were here back June and that’s the race I’ll be focusing on the most. Horsepower is important here because Michigan is such a […]

Watkins Glen Early Week Pre-Practice Top 20 Fantasy Projections – Cheez-It 355

Three Times The Strategy For the third race weekend in a row–and probably more prominently than the last two–pit strategy is going to come into play on Sunday; that’s just how these road course races always work out. Watkins Glen is faster than Sonoma, thus being able to conserve your brakes will be an advantage in the Cheez-It […]

Pocono GoBowling.com 400 Fantasy NASCAR Confidence Rankings / Predictions

Won’t be Tricky for someone Pocono is called the Tricky Triangle because it’s hard to set your car up to be perfect around the track because every turn is different. The drivers who you’ll see succeed on Sunday will be good off turn 3. All three practice sessions were relevant this weekend towards making an […]

Pocono 2 Early Week Pre-Practice Top 20 Fantasy Projections – GoBowling.com 400

The Tricky Favorites It’s kind of nice that the Indianapolis and Pocono races are back-to-back because although they are both very different race tracks, there are a lot of similarities with the races at each venue. The cream is going to rise to the top on Sunday, with the strongest engines prevailing. As I said the first […]

Indianapolis Post Practice Fantasy NASCAR Predictions – John Wayne Walding 400

Rainy Uncertainty Indianapolis Motor Speedway is one of the tracks where rain on a race weekend can really cause a lot of confusion for Sprint Cup teams as well as fantasy racers. We only visit here once a year and there’s really not another venue on the circuit that is similar to compare statistics with. […]

Indianapolis Early Week Pre-Practice Top 20 Fantasy Projections – John Wayne Walding 400

Strong Engines & Pit Strategy Indianapolis Motor Speedway is always an interesting track from a fantasy perspective; we only race here once a year, so the data we have is limited. There’s really no other track similar to this 2.5-mile rectangle, so as far as statistical history goes, we don’t have much. And a lot can change […]

Loudon Early Week Pre-Practice Top 20 Fantasy Projections – Camping World RV Sales 301

No Mistakes Nicknamed “Magic Mile,” New Hampshire Motor Speedway is a short, 1-mile race track and on Sunday we’ll be running one of the shortest races of the 2014 season. Track position is going to be key, so those who qualify well on Friday will have a definite advantage. Drivers will be relying on their pit […]

Daytona 2 Post Practice Fantasy NASCAR Predictions – Coke Zero 400

Fireworks Both On And Off Track We’re back for Daytona Round 2 this weekend, which–in my opinion–gives us fantasy racers a bit of an off week from studying and analyzing statistics. The races on restrictor plate tracks are so unpredictable that I have found that it is usually not time well spent to scrutinize the numbers. […]

Daytona 2 Early Week Pre-Practice Top 20 Fantasy Projections – Coke Zero 400

Take Some Chances Daytona International Speedway offers fantasy racers the opportunity to make picks that are outside of the box. This is especially true in salary cap games because those lower-tier drivers actually have the opportunity to get a good finish. Prime example: Landon Cassill, who finished 12th in this year’s season-opening Daytona 500 and 11th […]