Credit: Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images for NASCAR/

Anonymous sources have contacted pertaining to the story that hasn’t been told about what really happened to Carl Edwards car Saturday night. Following the conclusion of the race Carl Edwards wrecked his car celebrating his All-Star night win. The Speed broadcasters quickly threw out this theory that he totaled his car by running into a man-hole in the infield. However I now know that this theory has been debunked.

Last fall at Charlotte Motor Speedway sinkholes appeared at the track for the first time. Charlotte workers struggled to fill the hole. They tried everything they could to fill up the hole but their efforts were unsuccessful. The workers at  Speedway Motorsports, Inc than contacted NASCAR for help in solving the problem.

After the conclusion of research from NASCAR’s secret Delta R&D Team 6 they concluded that they needed something really big to fill the hole. First they tried boulders, then rocks and then foam from Brian Vickers Darlington car but nothing seemed to work.

Then they decided to try something really radical. They decided they would put a car in the hole!!! This solution seemed crazy to many but in desperation they decided to proceed.

In their car search they decided that some car they would like to “go away” should be put in the hole. This is when the decided to put in Jeff Gordon’s T-Rex car from the 1997 All-Star race. This car was renowned for thinking outside the box and stretching every rule to the utmost. The T-Rex car was only used once and after that NASCAR told the “Rainbow Warriors” to never bring it back again. This car was the perfect car that they deemed should go away like the dinosaurs. So this project was aptly named “Project Dinosaur”. Less than 12 hours after they decided Jeff Gordon’s car had to go they proceeded very rapidly with “Project Dinosaur” and placed the car into shallow grave at the speedway.

So what did Carl Edwards really hit at Charlotte? It was a place marker for the T-Rex car. They put it there so they would remember exactly where they buried the car. Now that the place marker has been uprooted the T-Rex car will never be seen again.

NOTE: some elements of this story may be fictional but it’s written for entertainment purposes.