Credit: By Jerry Markland, Getty Images for NASCAR

The practice schedule this weekend at Homestead-Miami Speedway was similar to what we’ve had for the last few weeks, except for the fact that the first session on Saturday wasn’t televised. What’s unfortunate is that was when the most action occurred, with Denny Hamlin and Greg Biffle getting together and collecting pole-sitter Joey Logano. All three went to backup cars, so that means NASCAR’s next champion, Brad Keselowski, will start from the pole on Sunday. The full starting lineup for the Ford EcoBoost 400 can be found by clicking here. Keep in mind that the entire inside line will move up one row, and those behind Biffle will move up two.

Important Practice Notes: 1st practice notes on Friday (click here). 2nd practice–first on Saturday–notes (click here). Happy Hour notes (click here).

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Average Practice Speeds:

Average practice speeds are calculated by taking the average speed of each driver in each practice and multiplying it by the number of laps ran. When you do this for each practice and add the  totals together, and then divide by the total number of laps ran, you get an average of their practice speed, instead of just the one lap statistic you see when you look at practice sheets. I have found over the years that this is much more accurate as to whether or not someone has a car that is good for one lap or one that can consistently be fast. These numbers, however, can be skewed if a team puts new tires on frequently or rarely changes the tires. Note: The chart below includes the speeds from the 2nd and final practice sessions of the weekend. The speeds from the first practice session on Friday included qualifying runs. The laps ran by Denny Hamlin, Greg Biffle, and Joey Logano in practice #2 have all been omitted.

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In the first practice session (Friday), the five fastest drivers were:
1. Joey Logano – 173.066 mph
2. Martin Truex, Jr. – 172.911 mph
3. Mark Martin – 172.855 mph
4. Carl Edwards – 172.794 mph
5. Aric Almirola – 172.745 mph
Click here for the complete results from this practice.

In the second practice session (first on Saturday), the quickest cars were:
1. Matt Kenseth – 169.279 mph
2. Greg Biffle – 168.660 mph
3. Mark Martin – 168.287 mph
4. Kyle Busch – 168.203 mph
5. Jeff Gordon – 168.125 mph
Click here for the complete results from this practice.

In terms of ten-lap average, the top five for the second practice were:
1. Kasey Kahne – 163.455 mph
2. Mark Martin – 162.906 mph
3. Casey Mears – 162.395 mph
4. Clint Bowyer – 162.315 mph
5. Jeff Burton – 162.112 mph
Click here for the complete ten-lap average chart for the second practice.

In “Happy Hour”, the fast five were:
1. Kyle Busch – 168.476 mph
2. Martin Truex, Jr. – 168.182 mph
3. Matt Kenseth – 168.167 mph
4. Brad Keselowski – 168.161 mph
5. Greg Biffle – 167.879 mph
Click here for the complete results from this practice.

When it came to ten-lap average, the best for Happy Hour were:
1. Jeff Gordon – 164.728 mph
2. Mark Martin – 164.683 mph
3. Martin Truex, Jr. – 164.532 mph
4. Kyle Busch – 164.494
5. Clint Bowyer – 164.475 mph
Click here for the complete ten-lap average chart for Happy Hour.