NOTE: This post is a recap of what happened in July 2016 at Daytona

Starting Lineup

  1. Greg Biffle
  2. Carl Edwards
  3. Kyle Busch
  4. Ricky Stenhouse Jr.
  5. Brad Keselowski
  6. Austin Dillon
  7. Matt Kenseth
  8. Jimmie Johnson
  9. Denny Hamlin
  10. Kurt Busch

Daytona Summer 2016 Full Qualifying Results

Pre-race Notes

Daytona Summer 2016 Loop Data Box Score

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Race Notes

Greg Biffle who won the pole selected to start in the top lane.

Carl Edwards who started in second in the bottom lane led the first 8 laps.

On lap #2 Brad Keselowski who started in 5th was racing side by side with Carl Edwards for the lead.

Notable drivers who were running at the back early on lap 5: Allmendinger, Bowyer, Newman and Harvick.

On lap 9 Keselowski took the lead. He then led the next 13 laps. Keselowski took the lead by running the high-line. When he was out front he blocked both lines when they made a run on him.

Running order on lap 20: 2,17,22,3,16,13,19,41,18,5 … 21,27,48,34,6,23,88,18,95,78 … 44,20,1,83,42,7,10,35,43,24 …

Notable Moment: On lap 21 the competition caution came out. At that time Landon Cassill was slow on the track. He missed pit road and then said his dashboard was blank. He had some sort of electrical issue. He took his car to the garage area for repair.

Brad Keselowski really liked his car. He said it was excellent on entry into the turns during his first pit stop.

Notable Moment: During the competition caution Ricky Stenhouse Jr. was blocked in his pit stall and Dale Earnhardt Jr. was blocked in his. It dropped Stenhouse Jr. from 2nd to 22nd.

Notable Moment: During the competition caution Jimmie Johnson was penalized for having too many men over the wall. Johnson had a hole on the front of his car and his team repaired it.

On lap 29 shortly after a restart Greg Biffle took the lead and led 1 lap. Biffle said his car handled well but was really “draggy.” The following lap Kesleowski retook the lead and led the next 22 laps.

Running order on lap 32: 2,18,3,16,78,21,34,22,6,27 … 5,20,10,95,88,1,48,23,13,19 … 42,7,83,17,119,24,35,98,32 … 46,55,11,41,15,14,31,47,4,38

Notable drivers running near the back purposefully on lap 44: Bowyer, Newman, Allmendinger and Harvick.

Running order on lap 50: 2,16,78,34,5,88,1,22,42,21 … 23,48,3,24,27,11,35,13,19,43 … 18,44,17,10,7,6,83,20,95,41 … 95,46,55,15,14,31,47,4,32,38

On lap 64 Johnson was up 34 positions from when he was penalized earlier.

During pit stops on lap 70 Danica Patrick was penalized for driving through too many pit stalls. She had to do a drive through penalty. It ultimately dropped her back to 38th, about 30 seconds back.

Running order on lap 72 following the second round of pit stops: 18,2,22,24,43,19,11,1,78,5 … 48,42,27,41,13,23,4,35,16,34 … 88,83,10 (Didn’t serve her penalty yet),6,21,44,3,95,7,20 … 46,31,15,47,14,36,95,55,32,40

Running order at the midpoint (Lap 80): 11,18,43,2,41,22,13,19,48,1 … 78,42,27,21,5,24,44,7,88,83 … 4,31,35,24,47,23,20,16,3,34 … 98,46,15,14,17,95,10,55,32,38

Running order on lap 89 (This is important because it’s right before the “Big One”: 2,11,22,18,41,13,42,48,1,21 … 19,3,27,78,24,44,43,7,20,88 … 83,4,5,16,35,34,23,31,98,47 … 46,6,15,14,17,95,10,55,32,38

Big Moment: On lap 90 the “Big One” ensued. Drivers who wrecked were Chase Elliott, Kevin Harvick, Matt Kenseth, Jamie McMurray, Paul Menard, Regan Smith, Jimmie Johnson, Martin Truex Jr., Chris Buescher, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Kasey Kahne, Danica Patrick and Matt DiBenedetto

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