NOTE: This post is a recap of what happened fall 2016 at Phoenix

Phoenix Top Ten Starters

  1. Alex Bowman
  2. Kyle Larson
  3. Chase Elliott
  4. Joey Logano
  5. Denny Hamlin
  6. Kevin Harvick
  7. Austin Dillon
  8. Ryan Blaney
  9. Jamie McMurray
  10. Matt Kenseth

Phoenix Full Starting Lineup

Phoenix Pre-race Notes

Alex Bowman drove the #88

Martin Truex Jr. started last in a backup car. He wrecked in practice on Friday and never made a qualifying lap.

Landon Cassill started in the rear of the field because of a gear change.

Phoenix Race Notes

Alex Bowman won the pole and selected the top lane. He led the opening 92 laps.

Notable Moment: On lap 1 in turn four Joey Logano and Kyle Larson had contact. Neither got damage but Kyle Larson who started in second spun out. Also during this incident further back in the pack Trevor Bayne spun. Kyle Larson then came to pit road which dropped him to the back of the pack.

Running order on lap 14: 88,22,4,24,11,3,41,20,1,21 … 2,18,48,19,5,31,10,78,27,17 … 95,47,16,13,34,83,15,46,7,42 … 44,43,6,14,38,23,32,98,30,55

Around lap 26 Kevin Harvick just didn’t look good. He struggled with his handling and was loose.

Running order on lap 33: 88,22,24,11,3,4,48,20,41,2 … 1,5,18,19,78,31,21,27,42,16 … 10,47,17,95,13,14,15,83,46,7 … 6,38,44,43,34,23,32,98,55,30

On lap 37 Truex Jr. was up to 15th. His team thought he had a top five car.

Running order on lap 48: 88,22,24,11,48,3,4,2,5,20 … 1,78,18,19,41,31,42,21,27,16 … 47,13,14,17,10,95,83,15,38,46 … 6,7,44,43,23,34,32,55,98,30

Running order on lap 67: 88,24,22,48,11,3,5,2,20,78 … 4,1,18,19,31,42,21,41,27,16 … 47,14,13,17,95,38,83,6,15,46 … 7,43,10,44,23,34,32,98,30

On lap 67 Harvick was back to 11th. His car was loose and he said it wasn’t even close.

On lap 74, Tony Stewart who was in 22nd was the last driver on the lead lap.

Notable Moment: On lap 82 the caution came out during an early part of the pit cycle. What happened is that Kyle Larson and Ryan Newman both spun coming to pit road. Notable drivers who pitted before were Kevin Harvick, Kyle Busch and Austin Dillon. This dropped all three of them back a few positions.

Big Moment: The lap 82 caution really burned Truex Jr. He lost a lap on pit road and his team didn’t service his car. He then pitted later when it was open and at that time he was penalized for passing the pace car which cost him another lap. He was now two laps down. Prior to the pit cycle he was running in the top ten.

Running order on lap 91: 88,22,20,48,2,16,41,47,14,24 … 11,3,5,19,18,1,21,27,4,42 … 13,83,38,46,43,7,17,6,15,95 … 31,34,23,10,44,78,32,55,98,30

Running order on lap 101: 22,88,20,48,2,16,41,47,24,11 … 14,5,18,1,3,21,4,27,19,42 … 13,83,38,43,46,31,7,17,6,15 … 95,34,78,23,44,10,32,55,98,30

Joey Logano who was the leader on lap 112 liked his car and said he was just a little tight in the center.

On lap 112 Johnson said his car was a lot better than it was in the spring. He was in 3rd at the time.

On lap 117 Harvick was in 16th.

On lap 121 Jimmie Johnson took the lead from Joey Logano.

Running order on lap 130: 48,88,22,20,2,24,16,11,5,41 … 47,18,1,14,3,4,19,21,27,42 … 13,83,38,31,43,46,7,6,17,15 … 95,78,34,44,10,23,32,55,98,30

Big Moment: On lap 133 the caution came out for debris. During this caution Jimmie Johnson who was the leader was penalized for passing the pace car. The penalty for that is NASCAR holding drivers for a lap. During this caution Truex Jr. took the wave around and was now only 1 lap down.

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