NOTE: This post is a recap of what happened last fall at New Hampshire

New Hampshire Top Ten Starters

  1. Carl Edwards
  2. Martin Truex Jr.
  3. Ryan Newman
  4. Jimmie Johnson
  5. Denny Hamlin
  6. Kyle Larson
  7. Jamie McMurray
  8. Matt Kenseth
  9. Kasey Kahne
  10. Chase Elliott

Full Starting Lineup

New Hampshire Pre-race Notes

Kasey Kahne started in the rear of the field for unapproved adjustments.

Alex Bowman drove the #88

New Hampshire Fall 2016 Loop Data Box Score

New Hampshire Fall 2016 Loop Data Speed Stats

New Hampshire Race Notes

Carl Edwards who started on the pole selected the low-line. He led the opening 30 laps.

Running order on lap 20: 19,78,20,48,42,18,24,31,1,11 … 2,88,4,22,41,14,27,47,21,10 … 43,95,17,5,6,34,13,3,44,16 … 23,15,7,83,38,46,98,55,30,32

On lap 37 Jimmie Johnson really liked his car.

Running order on lap 37: 78,19,20,18,48,24,42,31,1,11 … 4,2,88,22,41,14,47,21,27,10 … 5,43,95,17,6,34,3,13,44,16 … 15,23,7,38,83,46,98,55,30,32

On lap 41 Kevin Harvick said his car was good. He was up 9 positions at the time from where he started.

On lap 44 it was mentioned that Joey Logano was struggling. He was in 16th at the time. His team thought they had a 10th place car at best heading into the race.

Running order on lap 52: 78,19,20,18,48,24,42,31,4,1 … 11,88,2,41,14,22,47,21,5,27 … 10,43,95,17,6,3,34,13,44,16 … 15,23,7,38,83,46,98,55,30,32

Kevin Harvick’s car was really good over long runs.

Around lap 75 during green flag pit stops Joey Logano said his car was bad everywhere.

Running order on lap 88: 78,20,48,18,19,4,24,42,31,1 … 11,88,41,14,2,22,5,21,47,27 … 43,10,95,3,17,6,34,13,44,7 … 15,23,16,83,38,46,98,55,32,30

Kyle Busch was in 2nd on lap 90. His team really liked their car.

Running order on lap 105: 78,20,18,48,19,4,24,42,11,1 … 31,88,41,14,2,5,22,47,21,27 … 43,10,95,3,17,6,34,13,44,16 … 15,7,23,38,83,46,98,55,32,30

On lap 113 Joey Logano was the last car on the lead lap (17th) and was just ahead of leader Truex Jr. On lap 114 Logano was lapped.

Running order on lap 124: 78,20,18,48,19,4,24,42,11,1 … 88,31,41,5,14

On lap 124 the first caution came out. AJ Allmendinger got the free pass and Joey Logano was still a lap down.

Around lap 130 Chase Elliott said his car was so much better than it was in July. At that time he was in 3rd.

Running order on lap 141: 78,48,24,20,11,4,18,19,1,42 … 41,5,88,31,14,2,47,10,22,21 … 43,27,3,6,17,95,15,13,16,38 … 7,23,44,34,83,46,98,55,32,30

During the second caution Danica Patrick got the second free pass. During this caution Joey Logano stayed out on the track and got back on the lead lap.

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