NOTE: This post is a recap of what happened in spring 2018 at Michigan

Michigan Top Ten Starters

  1. Kurt Busch
  2. Brad Keselowski
  3. Kyle Busch ***
  4. Kevin Harvick
  5. Joey Logano
  6. Aric Almirola
  7. Ricky Stenhouse Jr.
  8. Erik Jones ***
  9. Ryan Blaney
  10. Denny Hamlin ***

*** Started in the rear of the field

Full Michigan Starting Lineup

Michigan Pre-race Notes

This race was rain shortened. It was only 133 laps long.

Kyle Busch, Denny Hamlin and Erik Jones started in the rear of the field after failing inspection.

Matt Kenseth drove the #6

Michigan Spring 2018 Loop Data Box Score

Michigan Spring 2018 Loop Data Speed Stats

Stage #1 Top Ten Finishers: 12,42,14,4,11,2,41,24,22,10

Stage #2 Top Ten Finishers: 4,14,41,18,21,12,2,1,20,24

Michigan Race Notes

Kurt Busch started on the pole selected to start in the high-line. He led the opening 46 laps.

On lap 1, Garrett Smithley immediately went to the garage which marked the end of his race.

On lap 5, Kyle Busch who started in the rear of the field was up to 24th.

On lap 7, Kyle Larson who started in 26th was up 10 spots

Running order on lap 9: 41,4,2,10,22,14,12,24,31,17 … 3,9,19,78,1,42,48,21,88,37 … 6,95,18,43,20,47,38,11,34,13 … 32,15,23,72,00,7,51,66,99

Running order on lap 15: 41,4,2,10,22,14,12,24,31,17 … 3,9,78,42,1,19,48,88,21,18

Running order on lap 22: 41,4,2,10,14,22,12,24,31,9 … 17,3,78,42,1,88,19,18,21,20 … 11,6,37,48,43,95,38,34,13 … 32,15,72,00,23,7,51,66,99

On lap 25, Austin Dillon and Ricky Stenhouse Jr. were racing each other aggressively. They were running just outside the top ten.

Following the completion of lap 25 the competition caution came out.

Notable Moment: During the competition caution Paul Menard was caught speeding on pit road. Aric Almirola had a slow pit stop (slid through his pit box) and lost 11 positions.

Notable Moment: During the competition caution Erik Jones was caught speeding on pit road.

Running order on lap 29: 41,2,4,22,12,24,14,31,11,42 … 1,88,9,18,19,10,17,37,78,3 … 95,47,34,48,6,20,38,43,13,21… 32,15,72,66,23,00,51,7,99

Big Moment: On lap 35, David Ragan and Bubba Wallace spun. They were battling for 26th. David Ragan had heavy damage which ended his race. Bubba Wallace was pretty unscathed.

Running order on lap 44: 41,12,14,42,2,4,11,18,22,24 … 9,31,78,10,1,88,3,19,20,34 … 21,47,37,17,95,13,48,6,43,15 … 32,72,00,66,23,7,51,38,99

On lap 47, Ryan Blaney passed Kurt Busch for the lead. He led the remainder of the first Stage.

Running order on lap 51: 12,41,14,42,2,4,11,18,22,24 … 9,78,31,10,1,88,19,20,3,21 … 47,34,95,37,43,48,6,13,15

Notable Moment: On lap 56, Matt Kenseth spun and brought out a caution. He was running in 27th at the time.

Notable Moment: Under caution with 2 laps to go in Stage #1, Kasey Kahne had a flat tire. He was running in the mid-twenties at the time. When the field came to green to complete the last lap of the Stage he came to pit road. This dropped him to 32nd.

Stage #1 Top Ten Finishers: 12,42,14,4,11,2,41,24,22,10

Running order on lap 62 under caution before Stage #1 pit stops: 21,42,14,4,11,2,41,24,22,10 … 78,18,31,88,20,21,1,95,19,3

During the Stage #1 caution Kasey Kahne and Austin Dillon didn’t pit.

Notable Moment: On lap 66, the first lap under green in Stage #2 Daniel Suarez spun into the grass. He got minor damage.

Running order on lap 71 under caution: 95,4,12,14,41,2,3,24,42,18 … 11,22,20,31,78,10,88,34,37,48

Running order on lap 83: 4,14,2,12,22,41,18,42,24,10 … 11,31,20,9,95,3,88,78,37,21 … 47,1,48,43,34,17,13,00,23 … 72,7,66,19,32,6,51,38,99

Notable Moment: On lap 85, Kyle Larson spun into the grass and brought out the caution. He was running in 8th at the time. This dropped him a lap down.

Running order on lap 90: 4,21,14,41,18,1,24,11,20,2 … 12,78,9,3,88,22,10,37,43 … 95,48,47,34,13,00,23,7,17 … 15,66,19,32,42,6,51,38,99

On lap 94, while running in 15th Martin Truex Jr. wasn’t happy with his car. His balance wasn’t good. He said “we are awful.”

Running order on lap 101: 4,14,41,21,18,1,12,20,2,24 … 11,3,9,22,78,88,10,31,48,47 … 43,37,13,95,17,34,00,72,23 … 7,66,42,19,32,6,51,38,99

Running order on lap 110: 4,14,41,21,18,12,2,1,20,11 … 24,3,9,22,78,88,10,48,31,47 … 43,37,13,95,17,34,15,00,72,23 … 7,42,19,66,32,6,51,38,99

On lap 118, with two laps to go in Stage #2 Kevin Harvick had a 2.7 second lead over Clint Bowyer.

Running order on lap 118: 4,14,41,18,21,12,2,1,20,11 … 24,9,3,22,78,88,10,48,31,47

Stage #2 Top Ten Finishers: 4,14,41,18,21,12,2,1,20,24

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