Alex Bowman Fantasy NASCAR Racing
Photo Credit: NASCAR Media

Alex Bowman – Following his opening 4 lap run he said he’s a little free and needs to roll through the turns better. During his second run he jumped up to 2nd. His car was a little free in the turns. Appears he has a pretty good car and he ended the session 3rd.

Martin Truex Jr. – Had the best ten lap average. Kurt Busch’s team made this comment about Truex Jr, “The 78 was a little better in the same lane, but not much.”

Ryan Blaney – Dale Earnhardt Jr. thought his car looked good. Ended the session 5th.

Austin Dillon – Following his 2nd run which had him 16th he said he was too tight. 50 minutes into practice while he was 19th he said, “Left front gives up too much in Turns 1 & 2.” An hour into practice while he was 21st he said, “It feels better but just doesn’t relate to speed.”

Kevin Harvick – During a late run while he was 15th he said, “That was the worst of any run. No front end whatsoever.” 

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