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Carl Edwards – Picking Carl Edwards at Talladega isn’t for the faint of heart. If you pick him I can probably guarantee some level of frustration because he loves to ride around the back of the pack believing in the fallacy it will help him avoid the “Big One.” He’s used that technique for a long time and it hasn’t worked. There’s 23 tracks on the schedule and the two plate tracks rank as his 22nd and 23rd best (based on average finish). At Talladega since 2012 has two top tens and the rest of his results are 17th or worse. Over those 9 races he has 4 results of 31st or worse. This spring he ran well at times but like many others he was a victim of a “Big One” that led to his 35th place finish. Last fall he dodged the carnage for the first time in a while and finished 5th. In spring 2015 he had a good afternoon but walked away with a misleading 32nd place result. That poor result can be attributed to him spinning on the final lap. Prior to his issue he was running in 10th. Also in that race it should be noted he had an 11th place average running position. His next three most recent Talladega results are finishes of 17th, 21st and 30th. One attribute that should be noted about Edwards is that he’ll likely be points racing on Sunday. (Yahoo B Driver)

Casey Mears – Casey Mears is a capable plate racer who’s able to come home with good results. Daytona is the most recent plate track visited and at that venue he finished 12th. In the other two races on this track type in 2016 he’s wrecked. In 2015 on this track type Mears scored the 14th most points, in 2014 he scored the 2nd most points. In the last couple of Talladega he’s had trouble. This spring he showed solid potential but was caught up in a wreck and finished 33rd. Last year at Talladega he showed potential but had problems in both races. In October 2015 we never really got a chance to see how strong he was. During a pit cycle on lap 119 while he was coming to pit road the #13 car was damaged, and it certainly didn’t look minor. That caused him to finish one lap down in 31st. In spring 2015 he was on pace to have a good result but on the last lap he was collected in the “Big One.” That dropped him from 11th to his 28th place result. In the two Talladega races prior to that he had results of 10th and 14th. (Yahoo B Driver)

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